If you miss you pay by Bruno dos Santos

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„Floyd came to the ring as if he was about to finish his career by writing a book, a book that was written along the years with lots of sweat, tears and punches, a perfect fairy tale, a book without mistakes and without excuses. Connor was a tough challenger, even though he was trying to reach something that not even the best boxers were able to do so, he came out swinging and trying his best to achieve what only the fans, most likely the Irish fans thought to be possible.“

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It’s about to feeling alive by Bruno dos Santos

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Jose Aldo, the king on the floor by Bruno dos Santos

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José Aldo, the bright past and the shadow future

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Souths Jnrs November 2014 by Hakan Saglam - photos by Hakan Saglam

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Last night was the last amateur boxing show for Souths for the year. There were only a total of 5 fights compared to normally double the amount. Paul Nasari, the matchmaker for Souths, expressed that he had a potential of 40 fighters but only ended up with enough for 5 bouts due to various reasons.

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2014 Novice State Titles by Jason Lewis

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This year there were 164 boxers that weighed in on Friday 26th – Day 1 for Novice State Titles. Following the draw and matching of bouts the program was looking really good with a total of 91 bouts to be held over the 3 days and only 7 walk overs which means there was only 7 boxers that weighed in that did not get bouts, although these boxers did get the opportunity to do some sparring in a second ring provided by the promoter „DropBomb Boxing“ for the boxers and trainers to use for private sparring over the weekend. This was a great opportunity for all the boxers even the ones that had contested could back up and do a few rounds thanks to Fitzy for managing the sparring and medal presentations during the sparring . The promotors provided medals for all boxers who did not get bouts and to the U14s, opportunity was taken amongst the weighin, stripping weight and sparring etc a level 1 trainers camp was also held on the Saturday and Sunday morning by David Birchell.

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Brace 21 by Janice Yee

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On July 20, Brace MMA will be returning to Sydney for an evening of thrilling cage action.
The night will be headlined by middleweights Gerhard Voigt and Billy McAlees, with Giancarlo Embradora taking on Andrew Baskin in the bantamweight co-main event.
With a full card of talented fighters, Brace 21 promises to be yet another entertaining night of classily executed violence.
Of course, although the crowd gathers to witness the final breathtaking battle in the cage, the fight itself is merely a culmination of months – and usually years – of tough physical and mental training and dedication.
Cornerman’s MMA correspondent Janice Yee speaks to fighters Gerhard Voigt and Billy McAlees, both of whom are headlining Brace 21, about their preparation in the leadup to their fight.

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Conquest 4 Lightweight 4 men eliminator gauntlet by Laura Chen

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Conquest 4 will see abother stacked card of some of the most experienced practitioners of the “art of eight limbs” in New South Wales go head to head at Emu’s Rugby Club on Sunday 21st April 2013.
FEATURED in this promotion is the 4-man eliminator tournament between Rhys “Lightning Windysport” (WBKF World Champion), Phil Tyquin (WBC and WKA State Champion), Ben “Bullride” Burrage (WMC World Champion) and Gary Patterson (WMC, WKA State Champion and WBKF Australian champion). Fighting at full Muay Thai rules of 5 3 minute rounds, one of the key challenges most of the competitors will face coming into this tournament is to ensure their fitness is in top notch form in order to dominate until the very last round. With roots in Kyokushin Karate, Ben Burrage is a veteran

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Wood’s view on ex-footballers in boxing and seeks opportunities abroad. by Hakan Saglam Photos by Milos Lekovic

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There has been a lot of banter lately of ex-footballers coming into the boxing scene, looking for a big payout while making a mockery of the sport of boxing. A recent such event has caused a lot of anger for fight fans. A poor display of boxing, controversial judging and allegations of testing positive for drugs where some of the headlines that came out from the event. Needless to say it’s doing nothing for the sport we love so much.
There have always been footballers that have made the transition into boxing and have been quite successful. One such boxer, who started out as a footballer, decided to leave the Rabbitohs and give the fistic arts a go. You might have heard of him, he’s the Australian Contender winner – Garth Wood.
Wood did the hard yards. He didn’t take any short cuts. He paid he’s dues and worked he’s way up the ranks until he got a lucky break and was selected into the Contender Australia boxing series. I have to point out this was no picnic for Wood. Fighting Australia’s best contenders to eventually face off and beat Anthony “The Man” Mundine.
We asked what his thoughts were – being an ex-footballer, on this controversial subject of his football counter parts coming into the boxing scene.

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“The Real Deal” Still The King As “The Man” Contemplates The Future by Sean Castle photos by Louie Abigail

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Reigning IBF World Middleweight Champion Daniel “The Real Deal” Geale successfully defended his belt at the Sydney Entertainment Centre against two-time WBA Super Middleweight title holder Anthony “The Man” Mundine on the 30th January. Geale, who was defending the title he won from Sebastian Sylvester in Germany nearly two years ago for the fourth time, put on a strong display in front of more than 9000 fans and a worldwide television that ran into the millions and was rightly awarded a clear verdict from all three judges (116–112, 117–111, 117–111). Predictably, Mundine protested that he was “robbed”, but he can have little to complain about as he beaten by a fighter at the peak of his game despite putting in a brave effort himself that will encourage calls for a third and final “decider” after Mundine took the honours in 2009.

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A tribute to Michael Dann “Thanks for the Memories” by Hakan Saglam photos by Milos Lekovic

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Michael Dann, a father, a husband, a man with a big heart and a personality that was larger than life! Michael was a true ambassador for boxing. He’s affiliation with the amateur boxing scene and later co-promoting some of the bigger pro-boxing events with the infamous Bill “Break Even” Mordey are and will be remembered for a long.
The who’s who of boxing along with die-hard boxing fans gathered at Souths Jnrs to pay tribute to this great ambassador of the sport.

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The Man or The Real Deal by Hakan Saglam

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Anthony “The Man” Mundine faced off with “The Real Deal” Daniel Geale at todays press conference to announce their long awaited rematch.
The venue hasn’t yet been decided but they intent to collide forces in January 2013. Mundine is eager to get it on and will even take the fight in a “phone booth” he said today.
Controversy always seems to follow Mundine and on this occasion, it was Mundine questioning Geale’s heritage that caused it.
"He's got a white woman, he's got white kids. I keep it real, all day every day.
Mundine said.

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Disarmed & Dangerous Proceed With Punishment by Nathan Wynyard

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PWP 5 entertained the best of the best from the Sydney MMA scene, delivering some incredible battles with crowd-lifting arm bar, and TKO victories. Nathan Wynyard describes the experience.

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Fans of kickboxing were fortunate to see one of Australia’s greats Peter “The Chief” Graham contesting for the NSW heavyweight boxing title against titleholder “Gorgeous” George Poulivaati on Saturday at the Croatian Club, Sydney. Fans would have been familiar with local star Steve “Stone Cold” Moxon who was putting it all on the line for international recognition against Expedito Valin for the vacant WKF middleweight title, but few would have predicted how impressive the fights were.

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Welterweight champion Jesse Juarez out-toughed Aussie young gun Robert Whittaker on Friday night at Sydney Olympic Park to retain his belt. The fight went the distance and was a testament to the conditioning of the fighters and the quality of athletes the CFC has competing.
Cage Fighting Championship promoter Luke Pezzutti was pleased with how the event panned out. “The CFC has matured from adolescent into an adult tonight. It’s only on the up and up.”
The rest of the event had high and low points, including some explosive knockouts, a 15 second glimpse of K-1 legend Bob Sapp and a rare Twister submission. And if nothing else, was an exciting night of entertainment for the fans.

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Master shows age isn't everything by Penny Pryor

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It might have been his final fight but the 41-year-old Maydad Ronen sure made a battle of his match with the 27-year -old Shinichi Muriyama from Japan.
At the Shadowboxer promotion at Bondi RSL last weekend, both boxers showed a lot of heart in a fight that was scrappy at times but always entertaining.
It's fair to say that Shinichi probably didn't expect so much spark from someone more than 13 years older than him. Maydad's own corner had to caution him to ‚settle down‘ on a number of occasions. 

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Capital Punishment 5 by Hakan Saglam

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How do you know you've had a great night at the fights?  When you've walked away with claret sprayed all over your top and witnessed some of the best fights these year thus far.
Sitting ringside, up close and personal, may have ruined my „threads“ with blood stains but it was well worth the nights experience. In all honesty it was a privilege to witness some great battles that where had at the National Convention Centre in Canberra.

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Daniel Geale vs Osumanu Adama by Tomas Vysokai

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Daniel Geale showed his fans that he is the real deal after a points victory over an also very skilled Osumanu Adama. The crowd of almost 4000 boxing fans were upstanding and cheering as the home town hero Daniel Geale entered the ring.
It was a great display of boxing, both fighters showing their skills, discipline, control and great defense.
Both boxers showed respect to each other and fought clean over the whole 12 rounds.
In Round 6 the African boxer started to step up being more busier and connecting shots. Geale looked like he wanted to close the distance and get more power in his shots. It was the best round for Adama.
Geale took control again in round 7 controlling the ring and connecting with the shots, making Adama miss at his counters.

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Real Deal Thaiboxing - 18. February 2012

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 The main event of the evening was the Lightweight Australian title fight between Kayne Young (Keng Kuai) and Bryan Hasse (Allan Walkington).
Kayne Young was not able to showcase his skill after a powerful right hand followed by a left hook from Hasse. Referee stepped in for the count. Young still dazed touched hands allowing Hasse to close the distance. Filipino fighter used the moment and knocked his opponent down and out with strong punches.
Hasse was very emotional in his speech, he thanked the promoter Rob Murdoch and his opponent for the opportunity to fight for the title. He also thanked the Filipino community for coming to Newcastle to support him.

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Sam Soliman - Ready for the title

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The long awaited main event for the IBF World Title eliminator was to be battled out between between Garth Wood and Sam Soliman. The winner would have to fight the champ Daniel ‘Real Deal’ Geale at a date yet to be scheduled.
A hesitant Garth Wood let Sam Soliman use the ring in the first round. His punches looked stiff and couldn’t find his rhythm.
The round ended by Soliman hanging on Woods neck in the air for a good 15 seconds. Referee John Gauci was struggling to break up the two.
Round 2 was a much better round for the NSW boxer as he managed to connect a few of his stiff jabs followed by the right. Both fighters are known for being unorthodox and awkward.
Sam Soliman started his magic in round 4 where he jumped, held and wrestled connecting with right hand. 
For every jab by Wood came 4 Soliman punches. Later in the round 5 Wood connected with a good right, getting in the lead for a while. Soliman retaliated with more punches and angles.

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Annihilation 3 - st. Marys Band Club

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The main event of the evening was between Franz Sanchez (Full Force Blacktown) and Airiam Trujillo (SRG Gym). It was the most technical fight of the evening.

The first kick executed by Trujillo landed to the mid section. Sanchez caught the leg and threw the fighter down. Sanchez kicked next and Trujillo returned the favour by doing the same move.
The SRG fighter was always looking for a clinch but couldn’t capitalize. He was kicked in the groin in last 30 seconds.
The second round went a faster pace and Trujillo was looking to cut Sanchez by elbowing every time they clinched. Good round for the SRG fighter – punching, kicking and elbowing which scores the highest in a Muay thai fight.
Trujillo pushing forward from the opening bell of round 3 checked a low kick and looked hurt. Sanchez quickly kicked again and his opponent fell to the canvas unable to beat the count. Sanchez was awarded a winner by KO in round 3.

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Bernado "Trekko" Magalhaes goes to UFC

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Bernado Trekko (11–1 MMA, 0–0 UFC) has signed a 4 fight contract with UFC. His first fight will be at UFC in Omaha Nebraska on 15th February. He was originally scheduled to fight  an undefeated Yoislandy Izquierdo also on his UFC debut. Unfortunately, due to complications with his previous employer he withdrew from the fight. Bernado is now set to fight Tim Means (16–3–1 MMA, 0–0 UFC).
Cornerman caught up with Bernado and asked about his preparations for his first UFC fight.
‚I‘m 100% ready, as always.' declared Bernado.

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2012 National Titles – one more step to the Olympic dream

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Boxing Australia started the year with the Australian Amateur Boxing Championships.
A total of 280 boxers tested their fitness, skills and stamina over 5 days in Aurora Sport Stadium in Hobart last week.
Over 190 fights were fought with only a handfull of stoppages  (RSC – Referee Stopped Contest) whereby many fights reverted to count back with very even scores proving the high level of competition this year.
The Queensland team was one to claim the Team of the Tournament. All the boxers preformed well and outstanding performances by Jeff Horn, Jesse Ross, Jessica Rettalick and Clay Waterman.

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Extreme Fight Night #6 by Hakan Saglam

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As I walked into Woy Woy Leagues Club, I was struggling to keep down the Zinger burger that I devoured just moments ago.
„Great!“ I said to myself. I noticed that the venue was a nice intimate place. Not an appropriate place where one could get sick and regurgitate his dinner and not get noticed.
 „I'm a professional!“ I thought to myself. „I can do this, just deal with it!“
 I needed to compose myself if I wanted to make it to the main event – which was for the WKA Light Heavyweight East Coast Thai Boxing Title between Damien Scrivano from Qld versus Brad Traynor, training out of Souther Martial Arts in Nowra.

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FIGHT REPORT: CFC 19 by James Cooney

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Australia’s premier mixed martial arts promotion, CFC, featured at Luna Park’s Big Top arena on Friday December 9 for the much anticipated CFC 19 Falciroli vs Honstein event – and it didn’t let fans down.
In the main event, the CFC Bantamweight belt-holder Gustavo Falciroli defeated Nick Honstein by arm triangle at 3.14 into the second round to retain his title.
 The fight was fought at an explosive pace and saw plenty of heated striking exchanges and slick grappling by the talented BJJ black belts. Falciroli was the more aggressive on the floor and looked like he might finish Honstein in the first round after taking his back, but “Quick” Nick gamely saw out the round.

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War on The North Shore 17 - North Sydney Leagues Club by Hakan Saglam

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It was another cracker night full of action packed kickboxing and Muay Thai by Bulldog promoter Nick Stone.
The fight card consisted of 16 fights with the main event being the NSW State Title between Junya Ishida from Bulldog Manly and Bondi's Jun Matsuda. Although usually headlining the show is super heavyweight Dan Roberts, his recent fight against Jacob Francis from Queensland for the ISKA interstate title saw him sit out this event with an injured elbow.

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The Young and the restless by Kiara Brooks

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Glen Purvis grew up in Cranebrook in Sydney’s West. At only 17 years of age he has already outgrown the usual schoolyard biffs and quickly moved up the Muay Thai ranks in Australia. He already has a solid fight record of 25 fights, 20 wins, 5 losses and 2 KO’s, possibly just the beginning of great things to come from Purvis.

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Tyson, Shakespeare's tragic hero by Sarah Ngo

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Before a room filled with boxing fans, officials and names like Morales, Tszyu, Hagler and Angelo Dundee, a short burly black man wearing an open neck loose fitting pink shirt, complete with large circles of sweat under each arm, makes his way towards the podium for the 2011 Boxing Modern Hall of Fame acceptance speech.  It is a short distance from his seat to the podium, but the lively Tyson almost bounces pass the audience who have risen to applaud him, and towards the MC.

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Being a Fighter by Kiara Brooks

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What is it about sport that seems to offer everyone outside that world to judge those inside it who do not perform to the level one expects ?

Martial arts being the fastest growing sport in the world is no different, the expectation of greatness in the ring or cage is at all time high, with the word ‚barbarians‘ being thrown around more often than not by spectators, ironically it is those who are screaming ‚kill him‘ ‚knock his head off‘ ‚what is wrong with you finish him‘ from the stands. As if full contact is not enough for people these days the brutality being encouraged in the sport seems to be rife.
Those of us who wake up and complain about going to work on a daily basis and gripe that their performance in their role may waiver from time to time due to factors such as fatigue, restlessness, illness, or plain and simply the fact that we are not content with our current position, so why then is a professional athlete seen in a different light when he or she can not produce the same level of work on a daily basis, they are told they are ‚has beens‘ who need to hang up the gloves so to speak. They are the ones placing more strain and commitment on their minds and bodies in their often short careers than a normal desk dweller does in a entire lifetime but without the same understanding.

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It now begins – Dib vs Servidei Showdown by Tomas Vysokai

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Alberto Servedei came all the way to Australia for the opportunity to get IBF featherweight title belt. He was unbeaten but hasn’t fought outside Italy before and he probably won’t be doing it again. He started very stiff and he couldn’t match speed and power of the champion.
Billy Dib countered his opponents left cross with his own, which sent the 36 years old Italian down to the canvas. It was all down stream from there on and Dib backed him up to the ropes and hurt him with a body shot. Servidei couldn’t beat the count shaking his head in pain.
After the fight Billy Dib challenged the WBA undefeated titleholder Chris John who has also undefeated record and has beat Juan Manuel Marquez

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Murray down but not out by Penny Pryor and Tomas Vysokai

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  Serin Murray is still determined to get her third world title in three different weight divisions after loosing a hard-fought contest against experienced UK fighter Ruth Ashdown last week at Newcastle Panthers.
However she may have to wait for a different opponent.
Ashdown is renowned as one of the best kickboxers in the world and Murray would love a rematch but the logistics of such a fight might be difficult. It can be costly either to bring an international fighter to Australia or to travel globally on limited resources seeking bouts.
“I think that may have been the only opportunity [to fight Ashdown]… it was an expensive little exercise but definitely worth it,” Murray says.
“She was definitely a world class fighter… “I’m not ashamed of losing to her.”

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Successful Return For Crampton Brothers In Cessnock

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courtessy of Aus-Boxing
At the Cessnock Supporters Club-Friday 4th Novembember, 2011 it was a successful return to the ring for Crampton boys-Ben and Jamie who fought for the first time in 2 and 8 years respectively.

In the main event, younger brother Ben made short work of Indonesian, Jamed Jalarante. Ben dropped Jalarante with a body shot who twisted his knee going down. He was unable to continue and the TKO victory was awarded at 1:13 of the opening round.

After the fight Ben said, “I would of loved to have got more rounds in. I’ll stay in training over Christmas and will fight again in the new year.”

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Joey Williams Stopped By Batty In Cowra

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Courtersy of Aus-Boxing
Show promoter and former NRL star-Joey Williams suffered his first defeat in the ring after being stopped in round 2 by Brendan Batty in their 4 round Welterweight bout on Saturday night-29th October, in Cowra.

Williams looked good from the start landing good shots. Batty was hurt early in round 2 and sensing a stoppage Williams went in for the kill but let his right hand slip and got caught with a left hook and went down unable to beat the count.

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Youthful Card at Muswellbrook (Live Report) by Keeta Nova

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The Muswellbook PCYC tournament has attracted boxers within the youth, junior and schoolboy divisions. Under 14’s also participated in competitive sparring bouts, prior to the main events.

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Newcastle kickboxer takes it to the world’s best by Penny Pryor

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play video
 When she first took up kickboxing eight years ago, Newcastle girl Serin Murray never thought she would be fighting a second fight, let alone her fifth world title fight which she will do on Saturday night at Newcastle Panthers.
The 30-year old first got into the sport when a friend suggested they try some kickboxing classes at local gym. Enjoying the sport but realising they wouldn’t be tested in their current classes, they went looking for Rob Murdoch Senior, a well-known kickboxing and thai-boxing trainer in Newcastle.
At that stage she thought she might only have one kickboxing bout – to try it out, so to speak.
But Murray well and truly caught the fighting bug and has been training to fight under Murdoch for the past eight years.
“We’re not a money-making martial arts gym,” she says of her fighting home. “Rob produces fighters there.”

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Mundine vs Alvarez - The Undercard by Tomas Vysokai

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Wednesday night was a busy one for Team Mundine as they put yet another showcase of their best crop against the rest.
There were 7 fights to support the main event between Anthony Mundine and Rigoberto Alvarez.
The heavyweights were first up with George Poulivaati (now 4–1–0) who had a close contest by unanimous decision against very game opponent Scott Belshaw from England (now 10–6–0)
All three judges had Poulivaati winning, two 39–37 and one 39–38.
Fight 2 was a contest between an Indonesian bus driver Aswin Cabuy (12–26–2) and a young prospect and former Australian amateur representative Sam Ah See (now 3–0–1).
Ah See finished all three previous contests with a KO victory within the first round.

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Mundine vs Alvarez Speed vs Power by Tomas Vysokai

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 Anthony Mundine showed that he is still the man after rather an easy victory over hard-hitting Rigoberto Alvarez Wednes­day night at the Newcastle Entertainment Centre.
It was obvious straight from the start that Alvarez (27–3–0 20KO) came to hurt Mundine, (42–4–0 25KO) attacking the body with straight lefts (southpaw) and right loopy punches. Mundine’s defensive style mixed with lightning fast jabs and right hooks was frustrating the Mexican as he looked too slow.

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No Bull Fite Nite XLIII by Tomas Vysokai

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Paul Grima put together another successful night of Kickboxing and Muay Thai in mid October, which featured 17 bouts and 4 WKA and ISKA titles. All the fights were entertaining and full of action but the judges awarded ‘fight of the night’ to the cruiserweight bout between Danny Phillips and Alan Atkinson.

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Pro Boxing in Campsie

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The Orion Function Centre at Campsie was packed to the rafters Saturday night with fans awaiting to see their local stars prove themselves against tough opposition.
The main event was between local boxer Hassan El Husseini and Mark Dalby from South Australia.  El Husseini applied pressure during every round of the fight, initiating and changing his attacks from head to body. He looked like he was enjoying his opponent’s attacks, smiling back and encouraging him while being hit.

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Anthony Mundine vs Rigoberto Alvarez

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Courtesy of
Anthony “The Man” Mundine (42–4–0) will return to the ring on Wednesday night-19th October at the Newcastle Entertainment Centre against Mexican, Rigoberto Alvarez (27–3–0) for the interim WBA Light Middleweight title with the winner setting up a showdown with WBA champion, Austin Trout.

The fight was due to happen in September but after ‘Choc’ was cut above the eye in training it was postponed to the new date, “After the eye injury, I had about five days off, then when I came back to training and had two hard sessions, I ended up getting a blood infection and couldn’t train for another week.”

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Ryan Waters Fight Night

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Cronulla fighter/promoter Ryan Waters found it difficult to beat the count after the explosive right overhand from NZ Lee Oti last night.
The few hundred spectators were stunned and remained very quiet after seeing Waters (now 21W 4L 2D) down and out who had previously fought Oti (now 15W 11L 1D) over three years ago.
Waters was very aware of his power as he admitted just before the fight that he has never been punched harder when the two first met.

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