2009 Olympic Boxing Australian Titles

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olym022009 National Titles were held on the first weekend of December in AIS Canberra with a strong NSW team fighting for gold.
35 NSW boxers with 4 trainers and manager Rick Anderson battled over 4 days throughout 118 bouts in all divisions.

In what’s been an unsettling fortnight for amateur boxing in NSW with the decision by Boxing Australia to dissolve the current ABA board, it was a major credit to the boxers and coaches involved for their achievement and conduct over the weekend.
10 gold medals and 15 silver medals, best senior team and best overall boxer, goes to prove that point.

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Green proves Jones is not "superhuman"

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green01The referee’s decision to call off the battle between Danny Green and Roy Jones for the IBO cruiserweight title 2 minutes 2 seconds into the first round was the right one according to Australian boxing legend Johnny Lewis.
“The punch Danny got him with had enough on it to disorientate Ray. I think the referee made the right decision,” he says.
If it had continued, Lewis says, Roy could have been seriously injured.
“In a fight if a knockout comes it can happen in the first minute of the first round or the last minute of the last round.”

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Long live the King

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The highlight of the Pro-night at the University of NSW Roundhouse on October 30, 2009 was the light middleweight main event between King Davidson, trained by Johnny Lewis, and Virgil Kalakoda fighting out of Full Body Impact Gym in Sydney. With 30 professional bouts under his belt, and over 15 kickboxing fights, Virgil was more experienced than King who had just 10 fights under his belt but was undefeated.
A consummate professional King didn’t blink as the rowdy crowd, plied with alcohol at the end of a long evening, cheered raucously for his opponent from the first of 12 rounds.

In the early rounds of the fight King was barely touched, keeping Virgil at bay at the end of his jab and slipping anything that came his way.
In the third round he shook Virgil who received an 8 count but was then saved by the bell. The King jab was much more effective than his opponent’s. But 12 rounds of 3 minute is a long time in anyone’s language and as King tired after the middle rounds Virgil seemed to pick up pace, encouraged by the cheers that every punch he scored generated. In the sixth round Virgil landed some clean hooks.

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Price is right for the Title

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Paul Nasari’s Fight Night at Revesby Worker’s Club late November ended a little prematurely, and to the unhappy boos of the crowd, after two of the pro fights finished in technical draws, both caused by head clashes and deep head cuts.4

But a timely reminder from boxing announcer and industry stalwart James White that the boxers’ welfare was of the utmost importance resulted in an apologetic round of applause from the audience.
“I know what you want but isn’t the safety of the fighters that is most important,” he said.
The main event, between local boy Danny Price and Peter Brennan from Southern Cross Boxing Gym for the Cruiserweight State Title ended 1.31m into the second round much to the disappointment of Peter, who received the gash. The result, as it happened before the fifth round, was a technical draw.

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Green vs Jones

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The pre-fight press conference between Danny Green and Roy Jones Junior Monday morning was a fitting warm up for the IBO Cruiserweight bout on
Wednesday night. Jones, who will be fighting out of the US for the first time, and Green were full of constrained respect for each other while their managers Justin Manolikos and McGee Wright continued a tit-for-tat that started last week.

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CFC 11

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cfc11Following the taunts and boos from the crowd, an emotional Hector Lombard grabbed the microphone and lashed out in reply. The crowd wasn’t happy that the fit ended so soon and that Hector’s opponent hardly put up a fight. Hector defeated UFC veteran and TUF 3 recruit Kalib Starnes by verbal submission early in round 1. Hector was holding back tears from sheer anger and disappointment as he was relaying to the crowd that it is not his fault his opponent gave up too quickly. It appears Hector is finding it hard to get decent match ups.

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Price is right for the Title

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price01Paul Nasari’s Fight Night at Revesby Worker’s Club late November ended a little prematurely, and to the unhappy boos of the crowd, after two of the pro fights finished in technical draws, both caused by head clashes and deep head cuts.
But a timely reminder from boxing announcer and industry stalwart James White that the boxers’ welfare was of the utmost importance resulted in an apologetic round of applause from the audience.

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Long live the King

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The highlight of the Pro-night at the University of NSW Roundhouse on October 30, 2009 was the light middleweight main event between King Davidson, trained by Johnny Lewis, and Virgil Kalakoda fighting out of Full Body Impact Gym in Sydney. With 30 professional bouts under his belt, and over 15 kickboxing fights, Virgil was more experienced than King who had just 10 fights under his belt but was undefeated.
A consummate professional King didn’t blink as the rowdy crowd, plied with alcohol at the end of a long evening, cheered raucously for his opponent from the first of 12 rounds.

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Boxing shadows

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TV01The journey of the professional boxer is a difficult one. For every Kostya Tszyu, Anthony Mundine and Danny Green that is able to make a very comfortable career out of it, there are another 100 struggling to get by. Every one of them has dreams of becoming a champ, you wouldn’t go into it if you didn’t, but the chances of making a million are scant. Every weekend somewhere in a capital city or regional area professional fights are being staged to limited success, depending on the acumen of the promoter, and fighters bust their butt trying to make a living.

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Kostya supports amateur boxing

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K01A guest appearance by four times world junior welterweight champion and world amateur champion Kostya Tszyu at the New South Wales ABA Boxing state titles mid October reminded many of the boxers just how far their sport could take them and put a little extra fire in a few bellies.
The three day ABA state titles – Friday night at Kostya's Boxing Academy in Rockdale and Saturday and Sunday at The Fishos in Brighton le Sands – culminated in a full day of over 30 fights in the finals on Sunday.

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NSW ABA Boxing State Titles - Elites

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NST01The boxing stepped up a notch later in the afternoon as the Elites took centre stage.
The elite categories are for boxers aged 17 to 34 but boxers aged 17 to 18 can also compete as youths. Juniors are for under 17s.
The Elite bouts on Sunday provided some entertaining fights. In the 51kg division David Pisini of Orange PCYC beat Blake Brunton, who also trains at Tszyu academy.
In the second round David appeared to be doing some damage with some hard hooks and was finding targets more often than Blake who kept hitting David’s gloves. But the two gave the crowd a very good show.

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NSW girs boxing premiere

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nswAt 16 years old Ramona Stephenson had just two days to prepare for the first legal NSW women's boxing bout in almost three decades on Friday night at Hornsby RSL.
The teenager squared up to the much fitter, older and better supported Kaye Scott (25), who will compete at the NSW state titles next week.
The fight was the first for both girls who would have had to go interstate before Oct 1, 2009 when the NSW ban was officially lifted. The banning of women's boxing, believed to be a relic of past centuries, was actually introduced in 1986 by the Wran government.
Of the 11 amateur fights on Friday night it was only the girls that battled it out for four rounds of three minutes. The majority of the male bouts were three times two minutes with the main event at three, three minute rounds.

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Extreme Fight Night 1

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EFN01Just a few hours away from Sydney, promoter Garry King was holding a Muay Thai event in the Central Coast Youth Centre in the small town of Niagra Park. The main event was for WKA World Super Middleweight Title between very experienced Bruce “The Preacher” McFie and gutsy NZ Daniel Kerr, a now resident of Thailand.
Scheduled for 5×3min rounds, the fight started in real Thai fashion, kick for kick, punch for punch, with Preacher getting the better of the timing. Daniel equipped with massive legs, kicking high but not putting any power behind it. Preacher dominating with his hand combinations, evidently a result from his recent boxing bouts.

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The Shellharbour Showdown

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TSS01Team Cornerman travelled down to the South Coast last Friday to cover the Shellharbour Showdown hosted by Lake Illawarra PCYC. Over 20 amatuer boxers showcased their skills with some impressive fights. The fight of the night being awarded to Michael Van and Luke Bunder.
Former WBC Light Heavyweight Champion and Australian boxing legend, Jeff “The Hitman” Harding, made a special appearance. The Hitman recently returning to the boxing scene making special appearances and speaking about recent life battles and hardship. It was great to see the Champ doing well with a big smile on his face enjoying life.

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Bruce "Preacher" McFee - New WKA World Champion

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PR05After 129 professional fights Bruce McFee has reached what every fighter ultimate goal is.
Fought for 5×3min rounds of full Thai rules Preacher (130F, 87W, 30KO) was awarded a WKA Super Middleweight World Muay Thai Champion against Daniel Kerr from New Zealand (67F, 44W, 39KO). Preacher looked confident stepping up

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Difference of Opinion - JNI Promotions

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DOO01Is there anyone left in our local gyms to give the Goshu Hurricane a run for his money? Has the Goshu Hurricane wiped out all of his opponents in Oz? Ian Schaffa who would normally headline JNI shows, resorted to putting on an exhibition fight in both MMA and Boxing on Friday’s show. The versatile fighter put on a display with a young boxer on the verge on going pro, Hussy El Husseiny, in a 3×2 min boxing match. Ian then stayed in the ring giving the all time veteran and former wrestling coach, Kon Pappy a run in a 1×5 min mma bout. It’s sad to see a world class fighter like Ian Schaffa

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The Aftermath 2 – Presented by Full Force Promotions

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TA201Dim Slim Iliev – whether you love him or loath him, took out a controversial win over Von “Bad Ass” Badato at St Mary’s Band Club on Saturday night. Scheduled over 5×2 mins rounds, Dim Slim played it smart against a dissapointed Von Badato. Dim Slim, who normally in muay thai tradition is a slow starter, was forced to pickup the tempo as Von came barraging in the first round. Dim Slim who was constantly on the back foot showed some impressive countering and scored with some good kicks. Von received a well executed elbow on the top of his head in the 1st round which caused a deep laceration. This wound would cause him some problems later in the fight as the blood kept gushing down his face.

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NSW girls shackled

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Although the sport has been included on the Olympic event line-up for 2012 women in NSW are still unable to compete in their own state. The Combat Sports Bill 2008, that will allow them to box, was passed by parliament last December but is still being held up by administrative red tape and no one is able to give any idea of an expected date for its commencement.
This is unacceptable and extremely frustrating to many of us who had hoped to fight locally sometime this year.

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State of Origin 2009

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SOO04When we hear of State of Origin, we normally associate it with Rugby League’s annual clash between NSW and QLD. On Saturday night, PCYC held their own version, with amateur boxers from both states to defend their pride.
A select team from both states put on an impressive show of talent, determination and courage. Following 8 preliminary bouts which included 2 exhibition fights, the show was on the road for the clash of the borders. Jarrod McKinley and Tyrone Polyak, both from Newcastle PCYC, put the Blues in front by an impressive win on points. This gave NSW head start by 2 points, a nice lead to begin the night.

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Golden Gloves 2009

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The Australasian Golden Gloves were held for the 9th time at Cabooltures Junior Leagues Club in North Brisbane on the 29–30–31 August 2009.
When I arrived, I was expecting a much larger venue. Something similar to the Gold Coast Entertainment Centre. Instead it was a very small place whereby you could just barely fit a boxing ring with a few dozen chairs.
gg01Unlike the venue, the fights were of a different standard. According the promoter Don Tindall , this year was different to previous years as the talent extended to boxers from Fiji and PNG. This year more than 200 competitors

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What it’s like for a girl
CornerwomenWomen boxers, their trainers and supporters let out a collective cheer mid August when the International Olympic Committee announced that it would be included as an event in London in 2012.
Finally their sport would be taken seriously and perhaps they would be offered some, if not all, of the opportunities that were available to their male equivalents.
Whether or not your believe boxing should be an Olympic sport, to have it included for just one sex is purely paradoxical.
One of our main contenders for a medal chance in 2012 only came back to the sport because she heard a rumour about the Olympics.
Perth boxer Claire Ghabrial has 16 wins from 18 fights and has travelled to China and Russia

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Boxing Gold - Damian Hooper

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Damian Hooper has come a long way since training on the dirt floor of his family’s back shed in Dalby Queensland. The 17-year old Australian Institute of Sport scholarship holder is now one of our gold-medal boxing hopes for, if not 2012, then definitely 2016.
Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) Boxing Coach Don Abnett says Damian’s a possible gold medal contender for next year’s junior world championships. Turning 18 next year he will also then be eligible for the senior world champions.
For now Damian says he is just concentrating on the Commonwealth Games in India in 2010 but his goals certainly include an Olympic medal in 2012.
“The AIS has made a big difference…I didn’t even have sparring partners before,” he says.

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Batemans Bay - Soldiers Club

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The WBO Asia Pac Youth Middleweight title was up for grabs and to be battled out between Narooma’s own Leroy Brown versus a very tough Queenslander, Chris Stewart at the Soldiers Club in Batemans Bay.
Leroy Brown, backed with the best trainer Australia has to offer – the legendary Johnny Lewis, looked sharp. Although not quite as strong as Chris, his game plan was to have his opponent punch himself out. This was evident in the first few rounds as Leroy slipped and weaved but Chris’ power kept pushing him against the ropes. Leroy wasn’t using his jabs enough and was more concerned with his counters at times scoring decent punches.

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CFC 10 - Luna Park Sydney

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cfc03The last time I was at Luna Park’s Big Top Stadium in Sydney, was to attend Australia’s biggest MMA show – CFC 8. In May 2009, the show kicked off the first leg of an 8 man tournament for the Light Heavyweight championship. A mixture of raw talent along with experienced veterans fought their hearts out and displayed a spectacular show. The following semi finals – CFC 9, held at the Gold Coast, was also a successful show with a capacity crowd. If these last 2 shows were anything to go by, then my beloved Canon and I were sure in for a treat.

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Norths Leagues Club - Cammeray

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North versus South, East versus West, wherever you are in Sydney there’s going to be a suburb that’s your antithesis and somebody that will love, or hate you, just because of a postcode.
nlc03Money might tend to drift to the some of the Northern suburbs but a lot of true grit and boxing spirit seems to be born in the West and less well-off areas. And so when a few Bankstown PCYC boys, and some from further afield than the Sin City itself, fronted up against the local boys at the North’s Leagues Club for an amateur night on Friday August 14 there was more than some pretty little trophies at stake.
The night saw seven fights and two exhibition bouts in a well organized event. The catering was certainly much better than many boxing events I’ve been to and the tables were relatively well arranged away from corners.

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Orion Function Centre - Campsie

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The fourth Superboxer event went off without a hitch on July 30, potentially paving the way for a more regular return of boxing to free-to-air TV.
While the Australian-based Contender series is now in production on Fox 8, more Superboxer style events are understood to be scheduled on at least a monthly basis from late November onwards.ofc01But the highlight of the fourth event at the Campsie Orion centre was the first round knockout of Argentinean import Nestor Casanova 22–15–0 (9) by IBO super middleweight champion, and winner of the third US Contender series, Sakio Bika 28–3–2 (19) in 1 minute 27 seconds. Packing power behind every punch it was a right hand that floored Casanova. Bika ended the evening with a call out to Anthony ‘The Man’ Mundine while the Argentinean nursed a headache and contemplated the long trip back home.

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Armed and Ready - JNI Promotions

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aar03JNI Promotions, popular for presenting a martial art spectacular for fight fans, were struggling to maintain a full fight card for the “Armed and Ready” fight night held at Hurstville on Friday 17th July 2009. It seems that the swine flu was circulating through the gyms like a Shank’s Pony. It appears that fighters too, no matter how elite, were vulnerable to this new epidemic. Last minute adjustments finalised the fight cards to a total of 8 bouts. A lot less than normally expected for JNI promotions.These 8 bouts, a mixture of mma, K1 and full muay thai rules were the most action packed fights I’ve seen for some time. The cream of the crop had stepped up and presented themselves “armed and ready” to dual it out.

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The Sweet Science

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IMG_7903Lovers of boxing often struggle to find details of amateur and professional events with word usually spreading by word of mouth. The lack of a consolidated reference point for this kind of information is something this cite is trying to remedy, but promoters and organizers could work together more to promote the professionalism of the sport. The more people understand the serious discipline that boxing is, the easier it might be to overcome some of the bad publicity the sport is often a recipient of.

Although the first of the superboxer fights being aired on One HD ended with some controversy (over the decision to give the WBO title to Billy Dib in his fight against Kenichi Yamaguchi, and the apparent ‘brawl’ that followed) the second event

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IMG_7999The PCYC Boxing State Titles held over the weekend of the 11th and 12th July, gave some novices their first taste of the ring and others their first title. The entire 38 fights over the weekend (including two walkovers) were engaging, with a fair share of knock outs and close decisions. They may not be world class just yet but as one judge said, ‘you’ve got to start somewhere’ and the weekend certainly revealed a wealth of young fighters that could hold titles some day.

One of the few three times three minute bouts saw Brendan Clark from Cessnock PCYC pitched against Jeremy Bradley from Belmore PCYC for the Elite 81kg Int division on the Saturday.

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Super Boxer @ The Big Top – Luna Park

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IMG_7874Is any type of publicity, good publicity? Did the antics of Thursday night’s main event violate boxings prime directive and tarnish this sport yet again? The promoters for the Super Boxer fight night, which is the first of 4 fights to be televised on free to air TV channel One HD, were looking for a successful show and hopefully re-ignite the passion for this primal sport throughout the general public.

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Into the Future

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IMG_7056A first time show held by Proud Warrior Productions at the Sharks Leagues club turned out to be quite a show with some action packed mma and K1 kickboxing bouts. The show was aimed to provide a platform for professional fighters to lift their profile to a wider audience and provide them with some hard earned recognition. The cheers and chants of the capacity crowd can be a testament to that.

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Fite Rite Fight Night

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kingSomeone once told me that life is just like a boxing ring. No matter which corner you go to, whether it be the red, blue or the neutral corner, you will always be faced with challenges to test you and to try and take you down. The past weeks events have been just that. The proverbial “left hook” by the Frenchman; who is refusing to pay for damages caused to my car after ramming into it, the continuous “jabs” by my vehicles consistent malfunctions which seems to

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Full Force Fight Night - Fight Review

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30May_Full_Force_0003Full Force Academy, one of Sydney’s best kept secret in Muay Thai, held a fight night on Saturday the 30th May at St Mary’s Band Club. The night consisted of 13 action packed fights These fights consisted of 9 modified Thai boxing bouts and for the main events – 4 full Thai fights which includes the co-founders of Full Force Academy Michael and Von “Bad Ass” Badato. For those who aren’t familiar with full Thai rules this means the use of elbows and knees are allowed (not for the faint hearted).

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Shooto Contender #1 - Fight Review

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Shooto29.5.09-BoxingWorks_000On Friday the 29th of May, Marc Exec held a Shooto Contender competition at Boxingworks Gym in Sydney. This is the first of many Shooto competitions that Marc Exec are aiming to have throughout 2009 and beyond. The idea first came up to give mma enthusiasts a platform to gain experience of competitive mma. As the demand for this sport is growing, there are unfortunately no entry level competitions but only available at the high end.

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Nitro at Wyong - Fight Review

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IMG_5006In an action packed event the crowd got everything they paid for at Wyong Leagues Club’s Nitro Boxing last Friday night, except for an all-in melee of the kind that occurred last-time main event fighter Willie Kickett fought in this part of the world. The 10 professional fights – four rounds of three minutes – were preceded by four amateur bouts which were all won on points.

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Cage Fighting - Fight Review

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IMG_3993Friday 22nd of May. Armed with my beloved Canon, along with a trusty faber castell and a notepad, I was off to see Sydney’s (if not Australia’s) biggest mma show, the Cage Fighting Championships # 8 held at the iconic Luna Park. As I was getting last minute instructions from event organizers I couldn’t help but think back to one of my conversations with a fellow fight fan.

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Ancient Battle - Fight Review

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23mayKunKhmer_380A first time Kun Khmer event was held at Cabravale Diggers and once again we were in your corner to give you a full review. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this event so the best I could offer it is an open mind and a willingness to learn from this new experience. Before we get to the review, you may be asking yourself: what is Kun Khmer? I sought out the promoter to explain this to me as I myself wasn’t sure. He sat me down and in a very brief explanation pointed out that the Kun Khmer originated from Cambodia that was used in warfare many years ago and is the origin of muay thai as we know it today. To further explain, while The Thai Kingdom was under Cambodian rule, the Thai people adopted this martial art as their own and labeled it as Muay Thai. This has now evolved to the modern day muay thai as the world know it at this present time. So, now with the history lesson out of the way we can continue with our review. The night was and international affair with our national pride on the line.

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Fight Review- Ryan Waters Fight Night

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RW02You can always bet for a capacity crowd at Sharks Leagues Club. The venue was packed to the rafters early in the night. If your plan was to have a boys night out and sink a couple of tinnies then this was the place to be. Only problem is that you might've waited in the queue a little longer than usual, as it seemed to be a thirsty night for the punters.
The night started out with 4 amateur fights, an impressive display of young talent which re-assures us boxing fans that amateur boxing is alive and well. The highlight of the amateurs would have been the fight between 2 lads from the local footy clubs – Tony (Sugar) Ray Vs Hayden Garn. These boys almost brought the house down. A fight worthy of a main event. As the boys slugged it out for bragging rights the crowd was thoroughly entertained with some big blows and a show of great endurance. It was a hard fight to judge and it could have only gone one way… and that of course is a draw.

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