Kostya supports amateur boxing

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K01A guest appearance by four times world junior welterweight champion and world amateur champion Kostya Tszyu at the New South Wales ABA Boxing state titles mid October reminded many of the boxers just how far their sport could take them and put a little extra fire in a few bellies.
The three day ABA state titles – Friday night at Kostya's Boxing Academy in Rockdale and Saturday and Sunday at The Fishos in Brighton le Sands – culminated in a full day of over 30 fights in the finals on Sunday.

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NSW ABA Boxing State Titles - Elites

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NST01The boxing stepped up a notch later in the afternoon as the Elites took centre stage.
The elite categories are for boxers aged 17 to 34 but boxers aged 17 to 18 can also compete as youths. Juniors are for under 17s.
The Elite bouts on Sunday provided some entertaining fights. In the 51kg division David Pisini of Orange PCYC beat Blake Brunton, who also trains at Tszyu academy.
In the second round David appeared to be doing some damage with some hard hooks and was finding targets more often than Blake who kept hitting David’s gloves. But the two gave the crowd a very good show.

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NSW girs boxing premiere

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nswAt 16 years old Ramona Stephenson had just two days to prepare for the first legal NSW women's boxing bout in almost three decades on Friday night at Hornsby RSL.
The teenager squared up to the much fitter, older and better supported Kaye Scott (25), who will compete at the NSW state titles next week.
The fight was the first for both girls who would have had to go interstate before Oct 1, 2009 when the NSW ban was officially lifted. The banning of women's boxing, believed to be a relic of past centuries, was actually introduced in 1986 by the Wran government.
Of the 11 amateur fights on Friday night it was only the girls that battled it out for four rounds of three minutes. The majority of the male bouts were three times two minutes with the main event at three, three minute rounds.

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