Price is right for the Title

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price01Paul Nasari’s Fight Night at Revesby Worker’s Club late November ended a little prematurely, and to the unhappy boos of the crowd, after two of the pro fights finished in technical draws, both caused by head clashes and deep head cuts.
But a timely reminder from boxing announcer and industry stalwart James White that the boxers’ welfare was of the utmost importance resulted in an apologetic round of applause from the audience.

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Long live the King

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The highlight of the Pro-night at the University of NSW Roundhouse on October 30, 2009 was the light middleweight main event between King Davidson, trained by Johnny Lewis, and Virgil Kalakoda fighting out of Full Body Impact Gym in Sydney. With 30 professional bouts under his belt, and over 15 kickboxing fights, Virgil was more experienced than King who had just 10 fights under his belt but was undefeated.
A consummate professional King didn’t blink as the rowdy crowd, plied with alcohol at the end of a long evening, cheered raucously for his opponent from the first of 12 rounds.

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Boxing shadows

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TV01The journey of the professional boxer is a difficult one. For every Kostya Tszyu, Anthony Mundine and Danny Green that is able to make a very comfortable career out of it, there are another 100 struggling to get by. Every one of them has dreams of becoming a champ, you wouldn’t go into it if you didn’t, but the chances of making a million are scant. Every weekend somewhere in a capital city or regional area professional fights are being staged to limited success, depending on the acumen of the promoter, and fighters bust their butt trying to make a living.

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