Full Force Fight Night - Fight Review

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30May_Full_Force_0003Full Force Academy, one of Sydney’s best kept secret in Muay Thai, held a fight night on Saturday the 30th May at St Mary’s Band Club. The night consisted of 13 action packed fights These fights consisted of 9 modified Thai boxing bouts and for the main events – 4 full Thai fights which includes the co-founders of Full Force Academy Michael and Von “Bad Ass” Badato. For those who aren’t familiar with full Thai rules this means the use of elbows and knees are allowed (not for the faint hearted).

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Shooto Contender #1 - Fight Review

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Shooto29.5.09-BoxingWorks_000On Friday the 29th of May, Marc Exec held a Shooto Contender competition at Boxingworks Gym in Sydney. This is the first of many Shooto competitions that Marc Exec are aiming to have throughout 2009 and beyond. The idea first came up to give mma enthusiasts a platform to gain experience of competitive mma. As the demand for this sport is growing, there are unfortunately no entry level competitions but only available at the high end.

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Nitro at Wyong - Fight Review

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IMG_5006In an action packed event the crowd got everything they paid for at Wyong Leagues Club’s Nitro Boxing last Friday night, except for an all-in melee of the kind that occurred last-time main event fighter Willie Kickett fought in this part of the world. The 10 professional fights – four rounds of three minutes – were preceded by four amateur bouts which were all won on points.

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Cage Fighting - Fight Review

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IMG_3993Friday 22nd of May. Armed with my beloved Canon, along with a trusty faber castell and a notepad, I was off to see Sydney’s (if not Australia’s) biggest mma show, the Cage Fighting Championships # 8 held at the iconic Luna Park. As I was getting last minute instructions from event organizers I couldn’t help but think back to one of my conversations with a fellow fight fan.

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Ancient Battle - Fight Review

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23mayKunKhmer_380A first time Kun Khmer event was held at Cabravale Diggers and once again we were in your corner to give you a full review. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this event so the best I could offer it is an open mind and a willingness to learn from this new experience. Before we get to the review, you may be asking yourself: what is Kun Khmer? I sought out the promoter to explain this to me as I myself wasn’t sure. He sat me down and in a very brief explanation pointed out that the Kun Khmer originated from Cambodia that was used in warfare many years ago and is the origin of muay thai as we know it today. To further explain, while The Thai Kingdom was under Cambodian rule, the Thai people adopted this martial art as their own and labeled it as Muay Thai. This has now evolved to the modern day muay thai as the world know it at this present time. So, now with the history lesson out of the way we can continue with our review. The night was and international affair with our national pride on the line.

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Fight Review- Ryan Waters Fight Night

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RW02You can always bet for a capacity crowd at Sharks Leagues Club. The venue was packed to the rafters early in the night. If your plan was to have a boys night out and sink a couple of tinnies then this was the place to be. Only problem is that you might've waited in the queue a little longer than usual, as it seemed to be a thirsty night for the punters.
The night started out with 4 amateur fights, an impressive display of young talent which re-assures us boxing fans that amateur boxing is alive and well. The highlight of the amateurs would have been the fight between 2 lads from the local footy clubs – Tony (Sugar) Ray Vs Hayden Garn. These boys almost brought the house down. A fight worthy of a main event. As the boys slugged it out for bragging rights the crowd was thoroughly entertained with some big blows and a show of great endurance. It was a hard fight to judge and it could have only gone one way… and that of course is a draw.

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