Armed and Ready - JNI Promotions

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aar03JNI Promotions, popular for presenting a martial art spectacular for fight fans, were struggling to maintain a full fight card for the “Armed and Ready” fight night held at Hurstville on Friday 17th July 2009. It seems that the swine flu was circulating through the gyms like a Shank’s Pony. It appears that fighters too, no matter how elite, were vulnerable to this new epidemic. Last minute adjustments finalised the fight cards to a total of 8 bouts. A lot less than normally expected for JNI promotions.These 8 bouts, a mixture of mma, K1 and full muay thai rules were the most action packed fights I’ve seen for some time. The cream of the crop had stepped up and presented themselves “armed and ready” to dual it out.

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The Sweet Science

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IMG_7903Lovers of boxing often struggle to find details of amateur and professional events with word usually spreading by word of mouth. The lack of a consolidated reference point for this kind of information is something this cite is trying to remedy, but promoters and organizers could work together more to promote the professionalism of the sport. The more people understand the serious discipline that boxing is, the easier it might be to overcome some of the bad publicity the sport is often a recipient of.

Although the first of the superboxer fights being aired on One HD ended with some controversy (over the decision to give the WBO title to Billy Dib in his fight against Kenichi Yamaguchi, and the apparent ‘brawl’ that followed) the second event

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IMG_7999The PCYC Boxing State Titles held over the weekend of the 11th and 12th July, gave some novices their first taste of the ring and others their first title. The entire 38 fights over the weekend (including two walkovers) were engaging, with a fair share of knock outs and close decisions. They may not be world class just yet but as one judge said, ‘you’ve got to start somewhere’ and the weekend certainly revealed a wealth of young fighters that could hold titles some day.

One of the few three times three minute bouts saw Brendan Clark from Cessnock PCYC pitched against Jeremy Bradley from Belmore PCYC for the Elite 81kg Int division on the Saturday.

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Super Boxer @ The Big Top – Luna Park

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IMG_7874Is any type of publicity, good publicity? Did the antics of Thursday night’s main event violate boxings prime directive and tarnish this sport yet again? The promoters for the Super Boxer fight night, which is the first of 4 fights to be televised on free to air TV channel One HD, were looking for a successful show and hopefully re-ignite the passion for this primal sport throughout the general public.

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Into the Future

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IMG_7056A first time show held by Proud Warrior Productions at the Sharks Leagues club turned out to be quite a show with some action packed mma and K1 kickboxing bouts. The show was aimed to provide a platform for professional fighters to lift their profile to a wider audience and provide them with some hard earned recognition. The cheers and chants of the capacity crowd can be a testament to that.

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