Extreme Fight Night 1

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EFN01Just a few hours away from Sydney, promoter Garry King was holding a Muay Thai event in the Central Coast Youth Centre in the small town of Niagra Park. The main event was for WKA World Super Middleweight Title between very experienced Bruce “The Preacher” McFie and gutsy NZ Daniel Kerr, a now resident of Thailand.
Scheduled for 5×3min rounds, the fight started in real Thai fashion, kick for kick, punch for punch, with Preacher getting the better of the timing. Daniel equipped with massive legs, kicking high but not putting any power behind it. Preacher dominating with his hand combinations, evidently a result from his recent boxing bouts.

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The Shellharbour Showdown

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TSS01Team Cornerman travelled down to the South Coast last Friday to cover the Shellharbour Showdown hosted by Lake Illawarra PCYC. Over 20 amatuer boxers showcased their skills with some impressive fights. The fight of the night being awarded to Michael Van and Luke Bunder.
Former WBC Light Heavyweight Champion and Australian boxing legend, Jeff “The Hitman” Harding, made a special appearance. The Hitman recently returning to the boxing scene making special appearances and speaking about recent life battles and hardship. It was great to see the Champ doing well with a big smile on his face enjoying life.

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Bruce "Preacher" McFee - New WKA World Champion

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PR05After 129 professional fights Bruce McFee has reached what every fighter ultimate goal is.
Fought for 5×3min rounds of full Thai rules Preacher (130F, 87W, 30KO) was awarded a WKA Super Middleweight World Muay Thai Champion against Daniel Kerr from New Zealand (67F, 44W, 39KO). Preacher looked confident stepping up

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Difference of Opinion - JNI Promotions

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DOO01Is there anyone left in our local gyms to give the Goshu Hurricane a run for his money? Has the Goshu Hurricane wiped out all of his opponents in Oz? Ian Schaffa who would normally headline JNI shows, resorted to putting on an exhibition fight in both MMA and Boxing on Friday’s show. The versatile fighter put on a display with a young boxer on the verge on going pro, Hussy El Husseiny, in a 3×2 min boxing match. Ian then stayed in the ring giving the all time veteran and former wrestling coach, Kon Pappy a run in a 1×5 min mma bout. It’s sad to see a world class fighter like Ian Schaffa

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The Aftermath 2 – Presented by Full Force Promotions

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TA201Dim Slim Iliev – whether you love him or loath him, took out a controversial win over Von “Bad Ass” Badato at St Mary’s Band Club on Saturday night. Scheduled over 5×2 mins rounds, Dim Slim played it smart against a dissapointed Von Badato. Dim Slim, who normally in muay thai tradition is a slow starter, was forced to pickup the tempo as Von came barraging in the first round. Dim Slim who was constantly on the back foot showed some impressive countering and scored with some good kicks. Von received a well executed elbow on the top of his head in the 1st round which caused a deep laceration. This wound would cause him some problems later in the fight as the blood kept gushing down his face.

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NSW girls shackled

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Although the sport has been included on the Olympic event line-up for 2012 women in NSW are still unable to compete in their own state. The Combat Sports Bill 2008, that will allow them to box, was passed by parliament last December but is still being held up by administrative red tape and no one is able to give any idea of an expected date for its commencement.
This is unacceptable and extremely frustrating to many of us who had hoped to fight locally sometime this year.

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State of Origin 2009

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SOO04When we hear of State of Origin, we normally associate it with Rugby League’s annual clash between NSW and QLD. On Saturday night, PCYC held their own version, with amateur boxers from both states to defend their pride.
A select team from both states put on an impressive show of talent, determination and courage. Following 8 preliminary bouts which included 2 exhibition fights, the show was on the road for the clash of the borders. Jarrod McKinley and Tyrone Polyak, both from Newcastle PCYC, put the Blues in front by an impressive win on points. This gave NSW head start by 2 points, a nice lead to begin the night.

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Golden Gloves 2009

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The Australasian Golden Gloves were held for the 9th time at Cabooltures Junior Leagues Club in North Brisbane on the 29–30–31 August 2009.
When I arrived, I was expecting a much larger venue. Something similar to the Gold Coast Entertainment Centre. Instead it was a very small place whereby you could just barely fit a boxing ring with a few dozen chairs.
gg01Unlike the venue, the fights were of a different standard. According the promoter Don Tindall , this year was different to previous years as the talent extended to boxers from Fiji and PNG. This year more than 200 competitors

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What it’s like for a girl
CornerwomenWomen boxers, their trainers and supporters let out a collective cheer mid August when the International Olympic Committee announced that it would be included as an event in London in 2012.
Finally their sport would be taken seriously and perhaps they would be offered some, if not all, of the opportunities that were available to their male equivalents.
Whether or not your believe boxing should be an Olympic sport, to have it included for just one sex is purely paradoxical.
One of our main contenders for a medal chance in 2012 only came back to the sport because she heard a rumour about the Olympics.
Perth boxer Claire Ghabrial has 16 wins from 18 fights and has travelled to China and Russia

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Boxing Gold - Damian Hooper

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Damian Hooper has come a long way since training on the dirt floor of his family’s back shed in Dalby Queensland. The 17-year old Australian Institute of Sport scholarship holder is now one of our gold-medal boxing hopes for, if not 2012, then definitely 2016.
Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) Boxing Coach Don Abnett says Damian’s a possible gold medal contender for next year’s junior world championships. Turning 18 next year he will also then be eligible for the senior world champions.
For now Damian says he is just concentrating on the Commonwealth Games in India in 2010 but his goals certainly include an Olympic medal in 2012.
“The AIS has made a big difference…I didn’t even have sparring partners before,” he says.

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