Taylor Retains Pan Pacific Title

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Shannon Taylor took home the IBF Super Middleweight Pan Pacific Title again after a full 12 rounds against Queensland’s Tim Kanofski at the Croation Club in Punchbowl on Saturday night. Taylor’s confidence and experience in the ring was evident as he casually mixed with his home crowd before the fight, and during the first few rounds his hopes for a KO win looked likely.

After the fight, Taylor repeatedly announced ‘I am getting old now’, as Kanofski is lesser experienced but almost half his age. In the ring, Taylor had undoubtedly more skill, speed and power than his younger opponent but both boxers maintained a steady pace through all rounds. Kanofski’s aw­kwardness allowed him to avoid clean blows from Taylor allowing the fight to go the full distance.

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Another win for Aussie Joel

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Featherweight “Aussie” Joel Brunker continued his undefeated streak on Friday in his home town of Richmond to take out the interim WBO Oriental featherweight title.

Joel beat Indonesian Marangin Marbun in a fight that only went four rounds of a scheduled 12.

Marangin was quick in the first round and although he went down once after a body shot from Joel, looked like he might go the distance. He matched Joel’s fast combinations with flurries of his own but in the end he was no match for the Australian.
Marangin appeared to be complaining about shots to the back of his head at the end of the first round but he continued to try and match Joel’s pace for the following rounds.

After more hard body shots from Joel in the fourth round Marangin did not come back in for the fifth.

Joel is now 18 fights undefeated and looking for more world class opponents. Speaking to the crowd after the fight he said the last few years have seen him “grow up a bit.”

“Now I’ve got a new lease on life,” he said.

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