A tribute to Michael Dann “Thanks for the Memories” by Hakan Saglam photos by Milos Lekovic

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Michael Dann, a father, a husband, a man with a big heart and a personality that was larger than life! Michael was a true ambassador for boxing. He’s affiliation with the amateur boxing scene and later co-promoting some of the bigger pro-boxing events with the infamous Bill “Break Even” Mordey are and will be remembered for a long.
The who’s who of boxing along with die-hard boxing fans gathered at Souths Jnrs to pay tribute to this great ambassador of the sport.

The fight card consisted of names such as Ben “The Juicer” McCulloch, Les “Diamond” Piper, Zac  “The Shaker” Awad, and Rob Whaley just to name a few.
The main event was a sheer battle between Ben “The Juicer” McCulloch and Les “Diamond” Piper. This fight stole the show and was the best fight of the night.
McCulloch clearly with a more reach advantage than his opponent opens the round nicely with perfectly placed straight punches. But just when you think McCulloch had the upper hand Piper finishes the round with an outburst of combo’s himself.
Piper felt the power in his opponent’s right hand in the second round when McCulloch slipped the jab and countered with a right. Piper hit the deck and got the mandatory 8 count. Piper was clearly dazed and saw the end of the round. He struggled back to the corner and McCulloch could now taste victory.
Piper realizing that he is letting this slip away digs deep in the third round. He threw some crazy combo’s which showed his desperation. McCulloch tried to close the round with some big shots but missed his target by a few centimeters.
The middle rounds saw both fighters change their game plan slightly. McCulloch switching from orthodox to southpaw and Piper attacking with diagonal movements. It all seemed to go McCulloch’s way when he knocked piper down again for the second time. In the sixth round Piper received a cut from to the left eye, which might have been from a head clash. McCulloch saw his opportunity to finish him off and unleashed a relentless onslaught to Piper.
Pipers fighting spirit prevailed with his primal instinct to survive. This guy was one tough cookie and would not go down easily. This was the best round of the fight.
In round nine Piper was walking straight thru McCulloch’s pun­ches. It was obvious Piper was taking a chance and wanted to battle this score out in old school fashion– toe to toe. In about the two-minute mark, McCulloch was lining Piper up with his left hand, held out to Pipers guard, and when McCulloch saw that window. BANG! The Juicer unleashed that killer right and dropped Piper straight to the canvass. Piper was out cold!
It took about a minute for Piper come back to earth; as soon as he regained consciousness he jumped back and congratulated his successor. The crazy thing is he looked like he was ready to bang again.  How tough was this guy?
Piper’s toughness was best put by McCulloch.
“He’s a very tough, ugly, vicious fighter.” McCulloch said in good jest.
“Every time he went down I was praying that he stays down.”

The undercards where quite a spectacle and really got the crowd working and prepared for the main event.
James Beard stopped his opponent Kashif Mumtaz after four rounds of one-way traffic. The ref stopped the fight after giving Mumtaz the 8 count in the fourth. Mumtaz was not responding to the referee’s instruc­tions.
Zac “The Shaker” Awad was way too strong and classy for his opponent – Dechapon Suwunnalid from Thailand. He dropped his opponent with a jab to the body in the first round.
When asked if he took this fight too lightly by the MC, he replied.
“You can’t take anyone lightly. I learnt my last lesson with Les Piper and I paid the price. So I need to be my best for every fight”.
“Shotgun” Shannon O’Connell outclassed her opponent in a third round victory. This girl really can box! Suzy Ramadan watch out!!
Kurt Barham won a UD victory against Dan Roy Russell and Rob Whaley lost against Adrian Campbell also by UD.
A great night of boxing! A night that would have surely put a smile on Michael Dann’s face and I’m sure he would have a few stories to tell afterwards.
In memory of Michael Dann.




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