Annihilation 3 - st. Marys Band Club

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The main event of the evening was between Franz Sanchez (Full Force Blacktown) and Airiam Trujillo (SRG Gym). It was the most technical fight of the evening.

The first kick executed by Trujillo landed to the mid section. Sanchez caught the leg and threw the fighter down. Sanchez kicked next and Trujillo returned the favour by doing the same move.
The SRG fighter was always looking for a clinch but couldn’t capitalize. He was kicked in the groin in last 30 seconds.
The second round went a faster pace and Trujillo was looking to cut Sanchez by elbowing every time they clinched. Good round for the SRG fighter – punching, kicking and elbowing which scores the highest in a Muay thai fight.
Trujillo pushing forward from the opening bell of round 3 checked a low kick and looked hurt. Sanchez quickly kicked again and his opponent fell to the canvas unable to beat the count. Sanchez was awarded a winner by KO in round 3.


The semi main event between Brad Oliver (Full Force Blacktown) and Mehdi Auckburally (Bondi Blades). This was as a very close contest from round 1. Both fighters equipped with strong artillery with clinches, sweeping and throwing each other down in the first opportunity. 
Opening minutes in round 2 Oliver connected with the well executed head kick rocking his opponent, followed by strong punch combination against the ropes sending Auckburally down an out finishing the fight early.
 Prelimary fights: 

  • Huss Arnaout had height and reach advantage, which he used very well by clinch kneeing Dan Trifogly at will. Both fighters wanted to get the victory and the round 2 was much closer than the first round Trifolgy didn’t make a step back and was pressing forward.

Straight from the opening seconds in round 3 Arnaout came with a strong punch kick combination lifting his opponent off the ground and sending him down. Trifogly did not give up as he tried to launch himself in the air but wasn’t able to find the mark. Good finish for Milthorpe gym fighter but it wasn’t enough to convince the judges.
Winner of this contest Huss Arnaout by unanimous decision.

  • Danny Kim (Full Force Blacktown) vs Andrew Ong (PTJ Muay Thai). Both fighters fueled by dynamite, Ong throwing high kicks, Kim going for fast hand combinations followed by kicks.

Trained by Badato Brothers, Kim’s explosive attacks could bring a sudden knockout.
Kim was a busier fighter in round 2 taking the lead. Ong needed to step up to stay in the fight, bringing Andy Hug’s axe kicks into play missing narrowly. He was soon backed up to the ropes eating Kim’s leather. After round 3 Ong needed a knockout to win this contest and he was going backwards instead of forward, not enjoying a pace set by Danny Kim. A comfortable points victory went to the Full Force fighter.

  • Jarred Anderson (Jabout) vs Oliver Yulimto (Physical Kick Gym)

This was an example of technician vs brawler. A shorter fighter Oliver Yulitmo hitting from hip height, throwing big haymakers at much taller technically sound Penrith fighter.
Round 2 Anderson tried to hurt his opponent with body shots and working in the clinch. Yulitmo’s strategy was to get close to hit his opponent hard.
Round 3 saw Anderson pressing forward stepping the pace throwing down Yulimto when in clinches, executing knees to the body, obviously hurting his opponent who’s answer was big haymakers.
This fight went to distance and the winner was Jarred Anderson from Jabout.

  • Betham (Physical Kick gym) was pressing forward in the first 30 seconds getting better of the exchanges while Joe Jankulovski (No Contest gym) was trying to match the pace and retaliate. In the last minute Betham again came back with explosive punches with Jankulovski unable to defend.

Betham connecting with heavy blow to the head in round two. He forced his opponent back onto the ropes. Jankulovski unable to use his reach was getting drawn into the shorter fighter’s game.
Nothing changed in the final round and Betham kept going forward turning the contest into a boxing match.
Judges saw the fight differently in favour of the ‘No Contest’ gym fighter Joe Jankulovski.
Fighter of the night went to Brad Oliver, who thanked his friends and family after the bout.
It was a long but entertaining night of Muay Thai action thanks to Reinharrdt Badato and St Marys Bandclub.
3×2min 57kg M/T – Ben Kelly (Jabout) vs Alexander Armstrong (Physical Kick gym) – Kelly by PTS
4×2min 73kg M/T – Sam Jenkins (Buldog Balmain) vs Liam Ghalayini (CKO Gym)- Jenkins by PTS
**3×2min 68kg M/T – Nilola Radic (Jin Wu Koon) vs Brett Pickels (Physical Kick Gym) – **
3×2min 72kg M/T Andrew Paa Yuu (Ingr Gym) vs Paa Yuu by PTS
3×2min 64kg M/T – Ervin Diana (Full Force Blacktown) vs Hugo Leighton (Elite Fight Gym)
3×5min 65kg MMA – Samuel Rowland (Gracie Barra Blacktown) vs Steven O’Neil (Bulldog Gym Parra) – O’neil by Armbar rd 2
3×2min 71kg M/T – Jake Rusian (Jabout) vs Justin Lewis (Physical Kick Gym) – Rusian by KO rd 2
3×2min 89kg M/T – Paul Jud McKinnon (Dragon Fist Academy) vs Tiago Roriz (SRG Gym) -  Roriz by PTS
3×2min 69kg M/T – Blake Kurtis (Full force Blacktown) vs Morgan Williams (Bulldog Parramatta) – Curtis by PTS
3×2min 89kg M/T – Oneone Betham (Physical Kick Gym) vs Joe Jankulovski (Contender Gym)– Jankulovski PTS
3×2min 73 M/t – Jarred Anderson (Jabout) vs Oliver Yulimto (Physical Kick Gym) – Anderson by PTS
4×2min 61kg M/T – Danny Kim (Full Force Blacktown) vs Andrew Ong (PTJ Muay Thai) – Kim by PTS
Huss Arnaout (Full Force Winsor) vs Dan Trifogly (Milthorpe Gym) – Arnaout by PTS
Brad Oliver (Full Force Blacktown) vs Mehdi Auckburally (Bondi Blades) – Oliver by KO rd2
MAIN EVENT – 5×3min Super Welterweight FTR – Franz Sanchez (Full Force Blacktown) vs Airiam Trujillo (SRG Gym) – Sanchez KO rd 3
Written by Tomas Vysokai




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