Capital Punishment 5 by Hakan Saglam

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How do you know you've had a great night at the fights?  When you've walked away with claret sprayed all over your top and witnessed some of the best fights these year thus far.
Sitting ringside, up close and personal, may have ruined my „threads“ with blood stains but it was well worth the nights experience. In all honesty it was a privilege to witness some great battles that where had at the National Convention Centre in Canberra.

The biggest upset was in the main event between Canberra's own Ben Edwards and the Dutchman Rico Verhoeven. Rico beat down Ben Edwards with some massive leg kicks that would chop down a 100 year old tree.
Ben did start out strong utilising his boxing skills but it did not seem to be a complete strategy to dominate the dutchman. Rico lost a point in the 3rd round for kicking to the groin but it didn't make a difference as he wore down his opponent and eventually knocking Ben down moments before the final bell. Rico winning by unanimous decision.

The semi main event was quite a spectacle and was easily the fight of the night. Wes Capper from Perth brought his dancing shoes and made quite an entrance with his signature dance moves. Steve „Stone Cold“ Moxon, originally from Melbourne but now based in Sydney, made a more modest entrance but knew he was here for one thing and one thing only. Both fighters were dropped in the first round. First to go down was Wes Capper by Steve's powerful overhand right and then quickly returned the favour to Steve with a left hook catching him on the chin. You couldn't ask for a better opening round. What a fight!
In the 2nd round, Wes showed some fancy moves with a reverse spinning kick but soon found himself on the canvas again with some impressive boxing combos by Steve catching him again with that overhand right. Wes had to change his game plan if he wanted to turn this fight around. The 3rd round he kept his distance and was fending off Steve with some kicks to the mid section. Steve always on his toes moving in/out and side to side trying to find angles.
Steve was looking tired in the 4th and 5th rounds. This is where Wes tried to capitalise by pushing the fight. The 5th round Wes dug deep and was throwing everything at Steve except for the kitchen sink. Unfortunately for Wes it was not enough and Steve took home the win with a split decision. It was a very close fight.

The fight previous to the above was another entertaining fight between Steve McKinnon and Nato Laauli. Steve McKinnon in true style came out like a raging bull. Nato, a very tough New Zealander wore McKinnon's pu­nishment with ease and returned some of his own. As a south paw, Nato caught McKinnon with a left cross that landed on the button. McKinnon staggered but quickly regained composure. And this was all in the first round!
McKinnon went head hunting in the 2nd round with great powerful head kicks. For a while there I thought Rico's head was going to fly off into the crowd. McKinnon was wearing him down which then started the onslaught of elbows. McKinnon cut Rico square on the forehead and a small trickle of blood came pouring down.
The 3rd round McKinnon now worked the body with highly powered kicks which pushed Nato to the ropes. This is when McKinnon finished him off with relentless elbows sending the claret flying onto my lovely shirt and Macbook.. The referee gave Rico the 9 count and then called the doctor of to inspect the damage. The doctor without hesitating stopped the fight on first inspection. Steve McKinnon wins by TKO.

The only other KO of the night and a fight worth mentioning was the only mma bout between Damien Phillpott and Billy McAlee. This was such a great fight for the novice mma fighters.  Both fighters came out wanting to trade punches. Billy unleashing with bad intentions catching his opponent with great accuracy. He cut open Damien with an elbow flush on top of the cranium. Billy then took down his opponent down to scope out his ground game. Damien not keen to stay on his back, scrambled back up. Damien's face now all bloodied, looking like he was not going to last much longer. Billy with another take down attempt, gained full mount and started his ground and pound. Damien at one stage gave his back which tempted Billy with a rear naked choke but was unsuccessful. By the end of this round Damien turned into a red head with blood stained hair.
Billy was waiting for his opportunity in the 2nd round. He waited and found his moment and unleashed a number of jab cross combo's. On the 3rd  jab cross, Billy rocked Damien and his legs gave out from under neath. The referee quickly saw that Damien was not able to recover and stopped the fight. Billy wins impressively by TKO.
I was not looking forward to long drive back. I could have easily stayed at the Convention Centre and have watched another 9 fights. A most successful night for promoter Nick Boutzous who is planing to have Capital Punishment 6 scheduled in July.
„I think honestly it was the best night I've put on so far with even match ups and couple of knock outs at the end. The fight of the night was Capper vs Moxon without question. We are looking for our next show at this stage Capital Punishment 6 on July 21st. Same place here at the National Convention Centre. Headlining will be Wes Capper, Steve McKinnon, Ben Edwards, Spiro Black and Josh Tonna so it should be another great show.“ said Nick.
Written by Hakan Saglam
Photos by Milos Lekovic




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What a night!

Hakan Saglam, 18/03/2012 22:54

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