CFC 12 Roundup

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This was a much anticipated card with three World Title Fights, an International Bout and MMA fighters from all over Australia. The card saw fighters from Sydney, Tasmania, Queensland, Perth, Brazil and USAs famous Team Quest and American Top Team. CFC brought the card together in a new venue which had a very different feel to the Big Top Stadium.

All seats had a good view and the Horden Pavilian is very spacious giving the place a very open feel. The UFC have very recently been to town and would have no doubt raised the profile of Mixed Martial Arts in Australia which may account for the even more diverse crowd in attendance at the CFC this time. A good turnout for a good Mixed Martial Arts fight card.

Fight Card

65kg 3×5min > Daniel Richardson (Launceston Combat Club Tasmania) v Marcio Lemos (Gracie Barra Sydney)
1st Round: The round started fast with Lemos attempting a knee bar early on and finishing the round with a good guillotine but with just 10 second left on the clock Richardson was able to hold on. A fast paced round.
2nd Round: This time we saw a slower start. The Tasmanian used his height advantage to throw strong punched forcing Lemos to the ground. Lemos moved straight into a rushed arm bar attempt transitioning into a tight triangle. Richardson picked up Lemos for a slam which tightened the triangle forcing the tap.
Winner: Marios Lemos (Gracie Barra Sydney) – Round 2 Submission (Triangle)

84kg 3×5min > Adam Celstino (SPMA) v Cameron Murcutt (Mach 1 Gym Perth)
1st Round: Murcutt came out of his corner throwing an unexpected High kick forcing Celstino to shoot for a takedown which was defended well by the Perth fighter with a strong sprawl. Murcutt threw solid strikes, finishing with a takedown and a scramble back to their feet. The first half of the round continued with this trend. Adam secured a sturdy keylock, Murcutt responded with a slam to break the lock.
2nd Round: This round was spent mostly tied up standing with both men looking for an advantage. The fight went to the ground and it didn’t take the SPMA fighter long to slap on a triangle. Cameron attempted another slam which similar to the first fight only proved to tighten the submission.
Winner: Adam Celstino (SPMA) – Round 2 Submission (Triangle)

73kg 3×5min > Dan Hyatt (Launceston Combat Club Tasmania) v Robert Lisita (Lion’s Den Academy)
1st Round: Hyatt towered over his opponent and looked hyped up for the bout. Both fighters didn’t waste time to engage and it didn’t take long for Lisita to have the Tasmanian against the cage. Lisita threw a solid forearm, got the takedown, got his back and finished with a Rear-naked choke. A fairly smooth win over a far taller wiry opponent.
Winner: Robert Lisita (Lion’s Den Academy) – Round 1 Submission (Rear-Naked Choke)

93kg 3×5min > Marcus Flanagan (Jiu Jitsu Kingdom) v Nick Goodwin (Lange’s MMA)
1st Round: Goodwin seemed to dominate this fight from the start with two Guillotine attempts and getting the better of Flanagan on their feet. On the ground Goodwin got side control then transitioned into mount with good Ground and Pound. With no response and unable to defend himself the referee had seen enough calling a halt to the bout.
Winner: Nick Goodwin (Lange’s MMA) – Round 1 TKO (Punches)

77kg 3×5min > Nick Aerial (MAD Team) v Robert Whittaker (Perez MMA)
1st Round: Both fighters looked in shape and were keen to impress setting a furious pace early on in a back and forth battle. The second half of the round saw Goodwin in a bad position with Whittaker throwing repetitive punched from Scarf control but not being able to get enough leverage in his strikes to get the referee to step in and stop the action.
2nd Round: There was no slowing down in the second round both putting on an exciting show again back and forth. Both seemed to have a well rounded game. Whittaker got a crowd pleasing slam followed by a quick scramble. Aerial missed with a knee on the way up and ended up on his back with Whittaker throwing some devastating punches giving him the KO.
Winner: Robert Whittaker (Perez MMA) – Round 1 KO (Punch)

77kg 3×5min > Jon Leven (Team CFS) v Tony Rossini (Integrated/ Fairtex MMA)
1st Round: Rossini got an early takedown and controlled the fight well from on top with well measured strikes. Rossini got a tight Body-triangle finishing with a nice Rear-naked choke. Leven is seasoned fighter making this a good win for the Brisbane based Rossini.
Winner: Tony Rossini (Integrated/ Fairtex MMA) – Round 1 Submission (Rear-Naked Choke)

70kg 3×5min > Ryan Healy (Team Quest) USA v Jai Bradney (5 Rings Dojo) Australia
International Bout
1st Round: This was an International bout between Australia and USA. Jai Bradney entered the Cage to “Down Under” by Men at Work and I would have expected a bigger reaction from the crowd. Once the fight started both corners came out exchanging punches. The Team Quest representative seemed the aggressor in the exchanges and showed a good display of Wrestling.
2nd Round: The second round took the form of a Wrestling match with again the American having a clear advantage in this area.
3rd Round The Gold Coast fighter didn’t make it out for the 3 round and was displaying a nasty cut.
Winner: Ryan Healy (Team Quest) USA – Round 2 TKO

62kg 5×5min > Richie Vas (Gracie Sydney/TP Fight Team) Australia v Gustavo Falciroli (Mach 1 Gym Perth) Brazil
Bantamweight World Title
1st Round: Both started the round looking to stand. Vas threw dangerous looking hooks with Falciroli covering well and firing back at range. Falciroli fired a head kick which was blocked but managed to gain some success with a good knee. On the ground the Perth based Brazilian got the back and seemed content throwing strikes from this position. Vas managed to regain guard before getting back to the feet.
2nd Round: Falciroli again got the back of Vas throwing good strikes. Instead of a Rear-naked Choke the BJJ black belt went for an arm bar from the back. The submission looked locked in but Vas showed good resilience and managed to escape and stand up again. This time Vas finished the round with a takedown.
3rd Round: Both looked tired in the 3rd but the Brazilian dominated this round standing with some success with long knees and kicks. The Brazilian capitalised on his height advantage with long strikes without much answer from Vas.
4th Round: Gustavo comes out again with strikes and getting the single leg takedown. From there he showed good top control, gaining mount and throwing a combination of hammer-fists and forearms. The dying seconds of the round saw the beginning of an Arm-bar attempt from Gustavo only to be denied by the bell.
5th Round: Vas realising he was down on points came out throwing strikes and looking dangerous again, answered with neat striking from Falciroli. Falciroli got the takedown and controlled Vas from mount before getting his back again. From here the Brazilain threw swinging strikes and even found a little time to answer the Crowds chants for Vas with some show boating. Gustavo Falciroli showed good control until the final bell, winning every round convincingly to become the proud owner of the newly formed Bantamweight Title. It is good to see the lighter weights get recognition for their hard work.
Winner: Gustavo Falciroli (Mach 1 Gym Perth) Brazil – Round 5 Decision (Unanimous 45–50)

70kg 5×5min > Bernardo Trekko (Double Dragon/TP Fight Team) Brazil v Adrian Pang (Integrated/ Fairtex MMA) Australia
Lightweight World Title
1st & 2nd Round: The opening round showed the crowd some tactical wrestling with the second round turning into a grappling match in favour of the more decorated grappler Trekko.
3rd Round: The 3rd round was still pretty much a grappling war which saw Pang defending well with Trekko showing consistent aggression.
4th Round: Pang was able to connect with good forearms opening up a cut on Trekko which called for rest bite in the round to allow the doctor to check the cut. The Brazilian was able to continue but Pang was starting to look stronger as the fight went on.
5th Round: Trekko was back on top with Pang managing to pick Trekko up for a big slam. Pang remained on top with Trekko trying his best to tie up and hold on. Pang had some decent success with his strikes and was the one trying to finish the fight. A good display of grappling but unfortunately the uneducated grapplers in the crowd did not seem to appreciate this fight as much as some of the others. Bernardo Trekko wins a unanimous decision 3 rounds to 2 and taking the Light Weight Belt from Adrian Pang.
Winner: Bernardo Trekko (Double Dragon/TP Fight Team) Brazil – Round 5 Decision (Unanimous 48–47)

84kg 5×5min > Art Santore (Team Quest) USA v Hector Lombard (American Top Team) Australia
Middleweight World Title
1st Round: Lombard now fighting out of American Top Team in Coconut Creek, Florida entered the Cage far calmer than he usually looks but once the bell sounded as expected came out of the blocks fast with hard strikes. The American showed resilience taking some tough shots from both standing and the ground. Hector’s powerful striking opened several nasty cuts. The inevitable happened when referee waves the fight off in the first round due to cuts which saw Hector retain his Middleweight Belt.
Winner: Hector Lombard (American Top Team) Australia – Round 1 TKO (Punches)


The card had some very exciting fights with good finished. A stand out fight for the night was Nick Aerial against Robert Whittaker with both fighters giving it their all in a back and forth battle. Both displayed skills in all areas and the fight finished with a good KO. Marcio Lemos did well to come from behind with an excellent submission in a 65kg bout. Another interesting match up was Richie Vas v Gustavo Falciroli seeing a new Champion crowned. Bernardo Trekko beat Adrian Pang in what was a re-match but the fight was by no means a crowd pleaser but would definitely entertain a BJJ audience.

CFC seem to still play music throughout some of the bouts including a few recognisable themed pieces of music from the films Gladiator and Rocky. The music is a little puzzling as it the type of music that represents an intense pause in a film before the action breaks out. The music takes away from the action in the cage and you would not expect a top International show to play such music during their bouts as it adds no value to the fights. The uneducated MMA crowd could be heard mocking the music and recognising it from certain films.

I understand why they have an auction but again the process can be drawn out and takes away from why we are all there. That said they only had one item this time and got through it pretty quickly. They also had Kelly Slater a 9 times World Surfing Champion in the Cage for an interview which was a nice touch and a good to experience.

It was good to see large screens up showing the action which especially benefitted those sitting in the furthest seats and allowing them to see the ground actions better. Tapout are now official sponsors which can only help the CFC grow as the popularity of Mixed Martial Arts is growing. I liked the new Hall with more exciting fighter entrances too. Overall it is an ever improving production and I look forward to seeing what the CFC have on offer in the future.




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