Conquest 4 Lightweight 4 men eliminator gauntlet by Laura Chen

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Conquest 4 will see abother stacked card of some of the most experienced practitioners of the “art of eight limbs” in New South Wales go head to head at Emu’s Rugby Club on Sunday 21st April 2013.
FEATURED in this promotion is the 4-man eliminator tournament between Rhys “Lightning Windysport” (WBKF World Champion), Phil Tyquin (WBC and WKA State Champion), Ben “Bullride” Burrage (WMC World Champion) and Gary Patterson (WMC, WKA State Champion and WBKF Australian champion). Fighting at full Muay Thai rules of 5 3 minute rounds, one of the key challenges most of the competitors will face coming into this tournament is to ensure their fitness is in top notch form in order to dominate until the very last round. With roots in Kyokushin Karate, Ben Burrage is a veteran

 of the tournament format matches and believes his experience will give him the upper hand however with a profusion of titles on the line, every contender is hungry to snag the ultimate glory. With paramount determination behind each competitor, spectators can expect a tidal wave of fast hands, heavy leg kicks and skull splitting elbows which will satisfy the most avid of Muay Thai fans. As Rhys Lightning puts it, “I just wanna cause a ruckus” and that is a promise which is sure to be delivered.
In addition to the eliminator, a further 6 Muay Thai bouts will include the return of WMC World Champion Ricky Campbell this time challenging former 2 time Lumpinee stadium champion Kampan Santaweesook for his world title as well as Nikita Campbell who will be defending her amateur NSW state title.
Boxing fans have not been neglected by promoter Phil Bennett who has lined up 6 amateur boxing fights. Muay Thai fans will recognise WMC title holder Toby Wescott who will now be looking for success in the boxing ring in hope of advancing his chances to represent Australia in the Olympics. Conquest 4 will also feature Mathew Wade, Brock Campbell, Ginny Connors, Charlie Bubb, Patrick Junior Inapaya and Liam Slatter.
Lightweights Running the Gauntlet
Weight: 68kg
Fight Record: 28–17–11
Gym: TLG Thai Boxing Gym
Biggest challenge preparing for this fight? Just getting my fitness up, tweaking a few little skills and preparing myself mentally.
Why will you win this tournament? I feel like I have more drive than my opponent, I wanna win a lot more than they do and it’s in my home crowd and I feel I have the advantage there.
What are you favourite weapons? I like big heavy leg kicks and fast hands.
Who do you look up to? Nathan Corbett and my trainer because he’s pushed me so far and got me ahead for this.
Weight: 68kg
Fight Record: 20–16–3 1 draw
Gym: Angel Gym
Biggest challenge preparing for this fight? Probably just getting into the mental game as I don’t know anything about any of the other fighters and getting my techniques down pat.
Why will you win this tournament? I’m just ready for it and ready to stand there and bang. I feel like I’ve got something to prove.
What are you favourite weapons? I like my hands but I like my kicks better. I just wanna cause a ruckus really.
Who do you look up to? Saiyok, Kampan Santaweesook and Nathan “Carnage” Corbett.
Weight: 68kg
Record: N/A**
Gym: Tamworth Fighting Arts
Biggest challenge preparing for this fight? Because I’m from the country, it’s hard to get quality sparring and have to travel to Sydney and other areas of NSW.
Why will you win this tournament? I have experience and I’m used to the tournament fights due to coming from a Kyokushin background and having fought in the TUFF challenges.
What are you favourite weapons? My boxing and low kicks.
Who do you look up to? My trainers John halford and Ben Bagagry and also Thai fighters Nokweed Devy and Dean Devy.
** Wasn’t able to find on the internet, fighter declined to provide
Weight: 68kg
Fight Record: 23–13–7 2 draws
Gym: Rungchai M-60 Muay Thai
Biggest challenge preparing for this fight? Getting fit after the Christmas break and getting back into it.
Why will you win this tournament? I’ll be stronger than the other competitors. I have fought Phil Tyquin before and beat him and I’m pretty excited to fight the other fighters.
What are you favourite weapons? My kicks – basically I like to land them anywhere I can get them.
Who do you look up to? John Wayne Parr and Eli Madigan. I love watching his fights.




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