Daniel Geale vs Osumanu Adama by Tomas Vysokai

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Daniel Geale showed his fans that he is the real deal after a points victory over an also very skilled Osumanu Adama. The crowd of almost 4000 boxing fans were upstanding and cheering as the home town hero Daniel Geale entered the ring.
It was a great display of boxing, both fighters showing their skills, discipline, control and great defense.
Both boxers showed respect to each other and fought clean over the whole 12 rounds.
In Round 6 the African boxer started to step up being more busier and connecting shots. Geale looked like he wanted to close the distance and get more power in his shots. It was the best round for Adama.
Geale took control again in round 7 controlling the ring and connecting with the shots, making Adama miss at his counters.

Round 8 Geale was trying again to close the distance and work the body and head of Adama, which was really working well. Four punch combinations starting from body finishing to the head.
The African boxer started to use his jab in round 9 and 10 and it looked like Geale was impatient getting square on the forward after throwing his right hand.
Daniel Geale started to box in the round 12 again, making his opponent miss and responding with damaging counter punches . The whole stadium was now getting behind the champion who connected with a powerful cross hook cross, the best combination of the fight.
All three judges scored the fight in favor of Daniel Geale 115–113, 118–110, 117–111
Daniel thanked his fans in his final speech and he praised Adama
‘He was good defensively and he improved from his last fight. Now it’s time to go overseas and fight the best'.
When he was asked about the names that he wanted to fight he replied:
‘I don’t know and it doesn’t matter I’ll fight any of them’

Billy Dib ran from his corner, pushing with his shoulder keeping Escobedo on the ropes and trying to overwhelm him early. Halfway trough the round Dib hit Escobedo low below the belt.
Referee Earnie Sharif cautioned Dib, Escobedo didn’t take his time to recover.
It was obvious that Sydney based camp decided to fight the Mexican in his own game.
Dib was much taller of the two and he used his forearms and pushed Escobedo between the ropes.
After a few more low blows the referee had no option but to take a point off Billy Dib in round three. He looked unfazed and kept pushing Escobedo to the ropes giving him very little space to box.
It was round 4 when for the first time Dib made a step backwards after a short uppercut. It took him about 30 seconds before he moved back to his game plan and went rough again using forearms and punching at will.

By round 5 Eduardo Escobedo looked very tired and was standing on the spot taking the load from Dib.
He started to move in round 6 creating the angles staying away from the ropes.
That worked for the first half of the round but then he got tired again and was hardly standing. Eduardo Escobedo was saved by the bell but wouldn’t come out of the corner in round 7 and therefore Billy Dib defended his IBF World Title again.
‘How can I be angry with the whole of Australia behind me? Bring on America’ said Billy Dib in his final speech.
American based boxer Travis Walker came down under to fight Kali ‘Mean Hands’ Meehan for the IBF Asia Pacific Heavyweight title.
Meehan was struggling to make weight which is the first sign for a boxer that is not ready to put 100% in the fight.
Meehan was breathing heavy from early rounds, he kept his hands down and was trying to pick Walker with quick jab and counter with his power right.
Round 4 saw Kali Meehan leading with a left hook, which connected nicely.
Meehan was using the ring better, moving a lot and creating angles, leaving Walker over committing into his shots.
It was round 6 when Walker charged from the opening bell and connected a good shot at Meehan who was rocked, unsteady on his feet, backed up to the neutral corner, taking a heavy rain of shots.
Meehan’s corner threw the towel in 57 seconds into the 6th round to save the boxer from torrent of heavy blows to the head.
‘I’m happy to be here. He is a great boxer , he’s been here for a while’. Said the American boxer who was pleased with the knockout victory.
Tasmanian fighter Steven Maxwell found himself in deep waters in the first round when he got floored from hard hitting southpaw fighter Alex Ahtong.
Round 3 Maxwell started good putting more pressure going forward. Ahtong pulled back and countered with a hard straight punch sending
Maxwell down for the third time. He was going to his corner dazed with the cut over his eye.
Maxwell knowing he is behind went full throttle as he needed a KO to win.
He had Ahtong on the ropes for a good minute standing square hitting from his hips. The crowd in the sold out stadium went ballistic loving the show these two warriors put on for them that night.
Round 5 was another good round for Steven Maxwell who hurt Ahtong with good body shots. Ahtong was steady and even though wasn’t getting hurt, didn’t do much to take the round.
He started to move in round 6 using his boxing skills. Maxwell was head hunting with his chin up but Ahtong didn’t have the energy to hurt him.
Ahtong won comfortably by unanimous point decision. It was just after the fight when Cornerman found out that Alex Ahtong broke his hand in the first round and had to boxed injured for the rest of the fight.
Steve Lovett, 4F4W, started to pick apart experienced boxer Frank Ciampa using his jab to set up his powerful right cross.
Ciampa lifted his chin every time he attacked.
Round 3 Lovett connected with a lead left hook sending dazed Ciampa onto the ropes. Referee Gary Dean had a close look and let the fight continue without the 8 count.
Lovett who fights from the Grange stable was keeping low getting powerful shots at Ciampa trying to finish the fight early.
Ciampa was marked up on the face in round 4 and fell on the ground after a punch but again he wasn’t counted out. Lovett stepped up the pace feeling that he could finish it there.
Ciampa started to move in round 5 and 6 and started to box.
Lovett who was a great amateur boxer waited for that as he span of the left hook and sent Ciampa down. Ciampa took the count and Lovett jumped to finish the job. Gary Dean interfered and stopped the bout to protect the fighter.
Corey McConnell, (7W1L), had height and reach advantage in the 6 round bout against rough and more experienced Philipino fighter Roberto Lerio , who was pressing forward for the whole fight.
McConnell started to get his rhythm in the 4th round and used his fast jab and good counter punches to get the points victory.

First fight of the night was between Aaron Lai and Judd Cornwall in the super Middleweight division.
Both fighters started slow without throwing many punches up until half way through the round where Aaron Lai, (2F2W), closed the distance and threwa short left hook that sent Cornwall to the canvas.

Referee Gary Dean looked closely and didn’t let the hurt fighter continue, awarding hard punching Lai with a KO victory.
by Tomas Vysokai
Photos by Milos Lekovic




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