Extreme Fight Night #6 by Hakan Saglam

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As I walked into Woy Woy Leagues Club, I was struggling to keep down the Zinger burger that I devoured just moments ago.
„Great!“ I said to myself. I noticed that the venue was a nice intimate place. Not an appropriate place where one could get sick and regurgitate his dinner and not get noticed.
 „I'm a professional!“ I thought to myself. „I can do this, just deal with it!“
 I needed to compose myself if I wanted to make it to the main event – which was for the WKA Light Heavyweight East Coast Thai Boxing Title between Damien Scrivano from Qld versus Brad Traynor, training out of Souther Martial Arts in Nowra.

This was an interesting match up as Damien, the shorter, stockier of the two looked like he had some power. Whereas Brad, a lot taller than his opponent could be susceptible by Damien's sneaky overhand rights. In the first round Damien was keen to showcase his power and to possibly end the fight quickly. Brad's reach and technique proved otherwise.
Brad's continuous leg and body kicks wore down Damien through every round. Even Damien's boxing skills were no match for Brad. And when Brad started unleashing his knees. It was clear that Damien's demise was just a matter of time. Brad fought a smart fight and proved to Damien that he deserved the belt.
Brad Traynor's efforts really made the judges decision easy as they was awarded the WKA East Coast belt. A fantastic way to end a busy year for the young Light Heavyweight fighter from Nowra.
There were a lot of great fights including 4 MMA bouts throughout the night which really helped me take my mind of my mild case of gastro. Two fights that really stood out were Sandon Gibbs-O'Neil (High Impact Gym) versus Lachlan Brandy (Extreme Muay Thai Gym) and Charlie Bubb (High Impact Gym) versus Tom Cooley (CKO Muay Thai Gym).
Sandon versus Lachlan was an intense fight. Both guys similar in style showed great agility in their kicking ability. This fight went the distance but unfortunately there could only be one winner and on this occasion it went to Sandon. I would love to see these guys fight again and would definetly make the extra effort to travel to the Central Coast just to catch this fight alone.
The other fight to mention was between youngsters Charlie and Tom. Charlie's pro­ficiency in the ring really impressed me. This young bloke, with innocence in manner, was moving around the ring like it was second nature often displaying his prowess with aerodynamic spinning kicks. Charlie won comfortably and if he sticks to this sport I think he'll shine.
Gary King from Extreme Muay Thai put on a great show. I'm sure he would want to thank his wife Penny for helping him pull this show together and making it a great success!
If you're interested in attending or fighting on future Extreme Fight Nights in the Central Coast you can contact Gary on 0405 134 631.
Written by
Hakan Saglam




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Hey Hakan Roughly how long until these photos will be on this website, from this fight night ? Thanks

sandon gibbs oneill, 15/12/2011 19:33

Hi Sandon, the photo's will be up within the next couple of days. Thanks for being so patient.

Hakan Saglam, 15/12/2011 21:09

That's sweet, thanks for that.

sandon gibbs oneill, 15/12/2011 22:42

What did you think of the semi-main event?

Liam Ghalayini, 17/12/2011 09:48

just wondering when the photos will be up mate?

charlie bubb, 09/01/2012 21:04

Charlie, I believe photos are up. At least some of them. I've had some problems with loading photos.

Tomas Vysokai, 05/02/2012 23:18

All the photos are now up on the site. Thank you for your patience.

Tomas Vysokai, 08/02/2012 16:47

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