Fight Review- Blacktown Rumble

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IMG_3099_copyA sense of mixed emotions lingered as I walked through the doors of Blacktown RSL. Blacktown – my former hometown, the place that consumed the best of my “Cosby” years. I wondered if I would run into anyone I know and sure enough I saw a few familiar faces, but now a little more timeworn since I’ve seen them last. They were here to see a young lad called Tyson, an amateur boxer with only a handful of fights under his belt. To my amazement this young lad stood over 6’ tall and had a frame of a panther. I had the privilege of watching this young boxer display his boxing skills and was entirely impressed. With the right training and guidance I think this young guy has a promising future in boxing. There were another 3 amateur fights that night, all of high standards. This was then followed by 6 pro fights, one of them vacant for the Lightweight Australian title. The opening pro fight was between Jody Gall Vs Ben Wrotniak. This was a good fight to get the punters into the mood.

Die hard Wrotniak fans got the blood pumping by waving the Polish flag and the branding of the red ‘n’ white colors all over themselves. A tuff fight for the two but Ben got the better of Jody with a final split decision over a scheduled 4 rounds. IMG_3026_copyThe following bout was between a young up and comer, Anthony Brownlee Vs a more experienced Rey Anton Olarte. This night wasn’t Anthony’s night. Rey Anton’s experience prevailed and caused young Anthony to be canvassed twice in the latter rounds. This resulted in a unanimous victory for Rey Anton. What would a night of boxing be without some heavyweights slugging it out hey? The next fight was one anticipated by the crowd as this was the bout between Roy Sio Vs Solomon Haumono. As the punters were trying the predict which round Haumono would KO this newcomer, Roy Sio was getting last minute instructions from his corner. Not sure what they told him but the next 15 seconds would be the most shocking seconds the crowd would have seen for sometime. Roy Sio came out of his corner swinging from the fences while Haumono looked as though he was ready to box it out for the whole 6 rounds. Roy caught Haumono with a monster overhand right which flattened Haumono. The crowd was absolutely shocked and more so disgusted for what followed. For what ever came over Roy, call it a brain snap if you will, he lent over and decked Haumono twice while he was struggling to get up. This caused for an instant disqualification for Roy. The referee, Brian McMahon sent Roy to his corner and helped Haumono up. Haumono all dazed struggled up and thought that the ref had stopped the fight due to a knockout and started protesting. He probably didn’t realise the events that have just unrolled. Team Haumono and fans immediately ran into the ring and wanted a piece of Roy who thought it would be wise to get the hell out of the ring and head out of sight. Lucky for Haumono, his record stands unblemished. The big question is whether he could have regathered himself after that blow and continued fighting. I guess we may never know. The Lightweight Australian title was up next. This was to be decided between Jason Crowe and the former world amateur boxing champion Sedat Tasci. To declare this bout a war between 2 warriors would be an understatement. It was an absolute blood bath. Both very tough boxers slugged it out for 5 rounds. This was actually scheduled for 10 but resulted in a doctor stoppage at the end of round 5 after a number of accidental head clashes. For this reason and being a title fight it had to go to the score cards. Crowe looking the worse out of the two won based on the following scorecards. 48–47, 49–47, 49–46. Team Tasci disgusted with the decision stormed out of the ring. Crowe happy to give Tasci a rematch declaring that next time he would be prepared for Tasci’s fighting style (remarking that the head clashes weren’t so accidental). IMG_3202_copySo now we’ve come to our main event scheduled for 10 rounds – Josh Clemshaw Vs King Davidson. Josh up against a tough fighter (King) who has knocked out the last 2 of his opponents. While Josh on a losing streak knew he had to come out strong and overcome King’s exuberant fighting style. Josh dished out some good punches with some powerful left hooks connecting his opponent. King unfazed returned the favour with some killer body punches which let out a snap that could be heard all the way out from Rooty Hill. The fight went the distance but King was just too classy for Josh. King won unanimously and was scored as follows: 98–93, 99–93, 97–93. What a night of boxing! A most successful night for promoter Fidel Tukel from Blacktown Hit Squad. Hakan Saglam




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