It now begins – Dib vs Servidei Showdown by Tomas Vysokai

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Alberto Servedei came all the way to Australia for the opportunity to get IBF featherweight title belt. He was unbeaten but hasn’t fought outside Italy before and he probably won’t be doing it again. He started very stiff and he couldn’t match speed and power of the champion.
Billy Dib countered his opponents left cross with his own, which sent the 36 years old Italian down to the canvas. It was all down stream from there on and Dib backed him up to the ropes and hurt him with a body shot. Servidei couldn’t beat the count shaking his head in pain.
After the fight Billy Dib challenged the WBA undefeated titleholder Chris John who has also undefeated record and has beat Juan Manuel Marquez

 8×3 Danny Price (8W 3L 2D) vs James Chan (5W 9L 2D) – Price by PTS
The semi main event a taller and heavier Price started going forward but was getting hit from more experienced Chan.
Very hard fight for judges to score as both fighters had their moments in the bout.
Rd4 Chan hurt Price with body shots and then connected well with a series of overhand rights that shook Price each time. Price Looked tired and couldn’t find his mark.
Every time Price started his attack Chan managed to finish it with a good left hook or overhand right, which made Price look second best.
It looked like Chan took the charge from round 6 putting his much bigger opponent on the back foot. Price bleeding from nose and ear was trying to stay in the fight. Last 30 seconds he connected with good left right shaking Chan for a while. Was it enough to take the round?
The fight continued very close, punch for punch and the NSW fighter was fading. He had last round to take the lead but wasn’t able to as Chan was connecting with big left hooks. Every time both fighters clinched Price stomped on Chans foot.
Final bell rang and it was up to the judges who decided in favour of Danny Price by unanimous decision.
6×3 Paul Fleming now (12W 0L 9KO) vs Sonny Macarny – Fleming by KO rd2
Paul Fleming proved to be too fast too good for Sonny Macarny from Indonesia who took the punishment for 2 rounds and has been outclassed and badly hurt by very skilled boxer. Fleming is on the way up and according to Billy Hussein he is the number 2 (after Billy Dib) boxer in Australia.
‘Next year we are looking for regional and after that going international stage’ said Fleming the main sparring partner for Billy the kid Dib.
6×3 Albert Howell (4W 0L 1D) vs Darren Askew (6W 6L) – Draw
Both fighters started strong with no feeling out period. Howell using the ring, moving and changing angles while Askew – a southpaw, more steady tried to use his reach.
In what was a close contest so far both fighters looked to have similar game plan trying to start with straight punches to the body. Howell connected with good body shot which looked like he hurt his opponent.
Next round Askew jumped with his jab cross deep and clashed head with Howell. A big cut over his left eye opened right away. Howell knowing he needs to keep the score up if the fight gets stopped stepped up and kept pushing pace.
Unfortunately for Howell doctor stopped the fight during the break and fight ended a technical draw.
Howells previous fight went short too after his opponent Ariel Omongos got a leg cramp and couldn’t continue. You can watch this fight on
4×3 Billel Dib (4W 0L 3KO) vs Cheyne Rees (debut) – Dib by PTS
Rees was on his boxing debut, well known in the kickboxing circuit trained by World kickboxing champion Steve McKinnon. Dib couldn’t find his rhythm for most of the round but opened up in the last 30 seconds. Round 2 was better for Dib as he found his mark with the cross and kept his lead foot on the outside of the southpaws right.
Dib touched the ground after being hit in the last seconds of the round but referee Brian McMahon did not acknowledge that as a knock down.
Dib kept the pressure and Rees was getting beat. Dib’s jab was landing and he followed with good body power punches. He was throwing big shots loading at times from the hip and Rees was trying to catch him with counter punches.
Fight went full 4 rounds and it has been awarded to Billel Dib unanimously by all three judges.
4×2 Ahmed Dib now (2W 0L 1KO) vs Ben Dyer now (3W 12L 1D) – Dib by TKO rd3
Dib was busy from the start pushing the pace, Dyer very passive and steady on his feet not moving taking the full load from Dib.
Fight was scheduled for 4×2min.  Round 3 saw Dib connecting with a good right. Dyers legs was unsteady, referee jumped in quickly for the count but his corner threw the towel and that was the end of the fight. You can watch Ahmed Dib’s previous fight at
4×3 Takashi Sugiura now (2W 0L 2KO) vs Troy Glover now (0W 10L)   – Sugiura by TKO rd1
Sugiura – southpaw from Japan now trains under Steve Deller at 61kg was too strong for Glover. Referee Brian McMahon stopped the fight after 2 minutes of oneway onslaught.
Tomas Vysokai
Photos by Hakan Saglam




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