It’s about to feeling alive by Bruno dos Santos

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Every year we see hundreds of new Muay Thai enthusiast starting to training and deciding to becoming fighters and dreaming with the sold image of what is a fighter life. Starting training and making decisions as such as becoming a fighter, dreaming with the sold image of what a fighter’s life really is. To keep on this daily battle you will need to find your own motivation, you will have to challenge yourself every day and push your limits to the edge, and when in the place of fear, fill yourself with courage.
That’s not a life for everyone, just a few are able to fight and even with all the adversities, the need to keep strong for the next battle keeping strong to another fight, the body is important but just your mind will give you the tools to keep on going and not give up.
It’s just about feeling alive, to feel that you are in control of the situation, to feel that you can resist to a punch, to understand how strong you can be, to feel that you are doing what most of the people run away from. Well, if you can resist to that, what can put you down?
Fighting is only about to win against yourself every day, no one will never know the pain and the sacrifices you did to step in to that ring, just you, and that’s the beauty about fighting.
 Inside the ring the battle once again comes back to you, not just versing your opponent, it’s against you, – against all your fears, problems and frustrations, the ring is the place where you tame your mind. You look out into a sea of unfamiliar faces. Despite being in the presence of thousands, you're all alone.
The only thing you can hear is the beating of your heart against your chest, it is in this moment that you feel that you are alive, the moment you know you controlled the lion inside you. Find your strength, run away from your comfort zone, be the change you want to see in others, that’s the only secret.
And what about you, are you felling alive?




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