Jose Aldo, the king on the floor by Bruno dos Santos

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José Aldo, the bright past and the shadow future

Jose Aldo was the best UFC fighter after Anderson Silva lost his throne, Aldo was sovereign and no one could beat him, was untouchable for a while and was proven with every punch that no one was even close to get his belt. We were wrong, he could be defeated. A Irish guy who was telling to the world that he was capable to win Aldo, everywhere, anytime, was about to show that even kings can fall, the atmosphere to this fight was never seen before, all the Brazilians around the world were waiting for the fight and after few hours waiting for the main fight, the wait was over, the “people’s king” was about to close his mouth, the long wait to see the Irishman on the floor was over and Aldo was about to teach him some education.
      He would’ve done that, but unfortunately it was a night to forget, to pretend that it never happened. Aldo may be still dreaming about the punch that he missed, and after 4 years holding the UFC Featherweight Belt, he was down, 13 seconds into the fight and the Irishman Conor McGregor was the new UFC Featherweight champion. The Brazilians were down with their champion.
     Now the waiting was for the rematch, the chance to Aldo prove he still was the best and that maybe McGregor was just the luckiest guy in the world. As all expected, Jose Aldo should receive a second chance to fight for his belt, like every other defeated UFC Title Holder did, but to Dana White (then the UFC President) decided that it was time to Conor McGregor to shine.
     Aldo lost his focus while was choosing what he would do with his career, he wasn’t sure about to keep on fighting anymore, not on the same organization, not under the same rules and not on a place where he wasn`t receiving the respect that he deserved.
     He still would come back to fight, to win, and to full our hearts with hope, to show that he could be unbeatable again. And so he did it, after winning the fight against Frankie Edgar and holding back the UFC interim belt, it was time to unify the title. Having everyone’s at­tention in what would unfold next, as seems like the odds are turning to Conor McGregor to have his debut into professional Boxing against no one else then Floyd Mayweather.
     Aldo went into actions again in the last UFC, the UFC 212, against Max Holloway.
     Jose Aldo won the first and the second round and was focused in keeping the belt in his hometown, having all his fans around, singing and encouraging him to another win. Unfortunately this wasn’t Holloway’s plan, the Hawaiian beat Aldo in the third round, clipped him and pressured him all the way to a referee stoppage, now pushing the Brazilian fighter down on the ranking of his division, which will probably make him wait for a little now before another belt shot opportunity.
     That`s the second time that Aldo loses it in a short period of time, bringing some mistrust about his future in the division, the Brazilian fighter need to recover his focus on fighting and leave on the side all the political problems with Dana White. The only thing he might get out of it is a longer wait to have a new opportunity to fight for the UFC belt.




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