Kali Meehan too strong for Michael Kirby.

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Jamie Myers Promotions presented a knock out night last Friday at
Southport Sharks.
The main event between Kali Meehan and Michael Kirby for the WBF World
Heavyweight Title went for a disappointing one minute. The fight was
stopped by the referee when Meehan delivered some devastating punches leaving
Kirby dazed. The 41 year old Meehan dedicated the fight to his wife and
The main supporting bout between Gold Coast boy Tyrone Jones and Melbourne’s Lyndon
Echey went the full 6 rounds with some impressive fighting from both. Both
fighters delivered some strong combinations but Echey was unable to match
Jones’ energy and Jones won by unanimous decision.

The fifth fight saw former national Golden Gloves winner Casey Hannan take
on Will Parsons. In the first few rounds, the fighters went tit for tat,
trading kicks and punches and ducking each others strikes. In round three
Hannan landed some hard hits on Parsons and again the referee called off the
fight. Hannan won by TKO.
Fight four lasted a little longer with Ronald Branford holding his ground
against Steve Roberts until the 3rd round. Roberts looked relaxed from the
start and dominated in the opening round. In the second Roberts got
Branford on the ropes and Branford struggled to defend himself. Branford
returned some punches in the third round but wasn’t able to connect and
Roberts guided him to the ropes and finished him off. The ref stopped the
fight in the third round and the bout went to Roberts.
Brent Elliot defeated Roberto Leiro in what turned out to be one of the
few fights on the night to go the distance.  Leiro put up a good defence
against Elliot’s hard hits but in the second round, Leiro hit the canvas
and wasn’t able to regain his composure.  Both fighters were starting to
look tired in the third round and the fight was slowed down with a lot of
clinching. In the end, Elliot took the victory by unanimous decision.
Fight two was called off 2min 15sec into the first round when the hometown
favourite Rohan Murdoch cornered Sydney’s Philip Robertson and landed a
flurry of short hard hits. The ref called off the fight and Murdoch was
awarded the win by TKO.
Craig Hill Jnr also won his fight by an early knock out 1min 3sec into the
first round against debut pro-boxer Shane Thompson.
by Emma Sheriff

Photo Jessica Stamedes




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