Mundine vs Alvarez Speed vs Power by Tomas Vysokai

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 Anthony Mundine showed that he is still the man after rather an easy victory over hard-hitting Rigoberto Alvarez Wednes­day night at the Newcastle Entertainment Centre.
It was obvious straight from the start that Alvarez (27–3–0 20KO) came to hurt Mundine, (42–4–0 25KO) attacking the body with straight lefts (southpaw) and right loopy punches. Mundine’s defensive style mixed with lightning fast jabs and right hooks was frustrating the Mexican as he looked too slow.

We pick up the battle five rounds into the fight where Alvarez was getting the upper hand in the first half ofthe round as he started to land heavy artillery to the body and chest. But Mun­dine took the last minute of the round with precise shots that cut Alvarez over his left eye.
Referee Takeshi Shimakawa had a quick look and let the match continue.
Round 6: This was a battle between Alvarez’s po­wer punches and Mun­dine’s speed punches. At one stage Mundine connected a solid right hook and Alvarez nodded, acknow­ledging the po­wer of Mundine. By the end of this round Cornerman had it Mundine 4:2 Alvarez
Round 7: Mundine started to display his magic,moving on the front foot and being the aggressor. Alvarez was not able to punch going backwards andcould only hit Mundine with low blows which saw the Japanese referee give him a warning. Mundine  5:2 Alvarez
Round 8: Stepping up the pace Mundine startedshowing his speed, fainting attacks for which Alvarez had no answer. Mundine used quick jab and angles,convincing judges that he is still the man. After this round Cornerman had it 6:2
Round 9: Alvarez was step­ping heavy on his heelsinto the later rounds, loading each punch, he keptmissing the target more and more frequently. Mundinewas now proving he could match his power, stepping forward and o­pening the cut over his eye even more.
Round 10: It appeared that Mun­dine felt he couldfinish the fight early and started to hit Alvarez with everything he had. The crowd of few thousands wen­tinto a frenzy­. The bell went with Mundine in the lead8:2 (on our scorecards).
Round 11: If you’ve ever seen Anthony Mundine sparring the 11th r­ound was just like that­. A confident Mundine was le­aping, jumping, and en­joying his time in the ring. Alvarez needed a KO if he wanted to win the bout.
Round 12. The final round does not change anything, Mundine is well ahead, countering his opponents single shots and using the ring well.
After the final bell goes two judges had Mundineahead 119:111 but the French judge mysteri­ously only had him ahead by 2 points. Mundine wins by unanimous decision securing his shot at the champion for WBA belt.
Cornerman verdict: Speed wins over Power (this time)
Tomas Vysokai




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