Mundine vs Alvarez - The Undercard by Tomas Vysokai

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Wednesday night was a busy one for Team Mundine as they put yet another showcase of their best crop against the rest.
There were 7 fights to support the main event between Anthony Mundine and Rigoberto Alvarez.
The heavyweights were first up with George Poulivaati (now 4–1–0) who had a close contest by unanimous decision against very game opponent Scott Belshaw from England (now 10–6–0)
All three judges had Poulivaati winning, two 39–37 and one 39–38.
Fight 2 was a contest between an Indonesian bus driver Aswin Cabuy (12–26–2) and a young prospect and former Australian amateur representative Sam Ah See (now 3–0–1).
Ah See finished all three previous contests with a KO victory within the first round.

He started this fight much slower than usual perhaps to get more rounds in. He was getting his fast jab in and was moving well, but allowing Cabuy to land a few hits on occasions. Round 3 was looking good for Ah See up until they clashed heads which often happens when southpaw and orthodox fighters meet. It opened up a big gash on Cabuy's forehead and doctor had to stop the fight.
It was declared a technical draw.
Third and probably most awesome display of boxing power was in Super middleweight between Bilal Akkawy and Tainuy Crouch. Akkawy is only 18 y/o with only 1 professional fight and no amateur boxing experience, but what he lacked in experience made up in power. He started very confident and  in the last 10 seconds of the first round, he went jab to the body with a big overhand hitting Crouch on the temple sending him head first to the ground. New Zealand fighter now residing in Queensland was barely saved by the bell. He had previous 5 boxing fights and was the Australian ISKA Thaiboxing champion. Round 2 Akkawy’s ex­plosive right overhand followed by left hook sent Crouch to the canvas for a second time. That was enough for the referee Brad Griffiths to stop the contest awarding Bilal Akkawy with the second round KO victory making his record to 2–0–0 2KO.
Derek Webber proved to be no match for Billel Dib. Dib started slow in first but ended fight in the round 2 when he countered few good precise shots mixing head and body. Webber tried his best with big swings but looked tired in the second round and after his body assault, he spat his mouthguard. It didn't take long for Dib to finish the fight winning by TKO in the round 2.
Rocky Jerkic (debut) is another young prospect at 24 y/o with over 100 previous amateur fights on his resume, fighting for Team Mundine against Stavros Karanicolas (now 1–6–0). Jerkic had reach and speed on 30 year old Karanicolas who looked sloppy and uncomfortable switching his stance from southpaw to orthodox. Jerkic's left hook to the temple sent his opponent down. He wasn't able to finish the fight but was dominating and showcasing his speed and precision with great movement winning well ahead on points.
Cruiserweight dynamite Mostyn Niemann (6–0–0 5KO) fought Walter Pupu'a who had on his resume losses to all the good Australian cruiserweights. Niemann was keeping Pupu'a on the ropes most of the time hitting with hard hook and body shots. He was frustrated with Pupu'a working in close what resulted in taking a point off after repeatedly holding and hitting. Round 5 saw Niemann explosive finish just before the bell hurting Pupu'a to the body. His corner had decided it was enough punishment for one day and retired on the stool.
Niemann was not too happy that he couldn't finish the fight and in his speech he planed one more fight till the end of the year. He said he would like a shot at the AUS cruiserweight title.
There are plenty of good cruiserweight fighters so hopefully we can see someone like Adam Forsyth, Kerry Foley or Jamie Bogovic stepping to the challenge in near future.

Semi main event and probably one of the closest fights of the night was another cruiserweight fight between David Aloua and Hunter Sam. Both fighters undefeated up to this day with a similar record. Aloua had fought Pupu'a in his previous contest and was able to KO him in round 1.
David Aloua couldn't find his mark for first two rounds. Sam was beating him to the punch but started to show some tiredness in round 3. Scheduled for 6 rounds this fight was getting momentum with round 4 when Aloua connected with straight punches almost knocking Sam of his feet. Sam was on the back foot looking tired trying to counter all the time. A Great moment for Sam in round 5 when he connected with a right bowler punch. Aloua shaking his left arm showing that a pinched nerve giving him some discomfort. Final round was taken by the Queensland fighter finding targets with right and left till the final bell.
Very close contest indeed, but judges saw the fight all 38 to 37 to David Aloua improving his record to 4–0–0 3KO.
By Tomas Vysokai
Photos by Milos Lekovic




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