Murray down but not out by Penny Pryor and Tomas Vysokai

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  Serin Murray is still determined to get her third world title in three different weight divisions after loosing a hard-fought contest against experienced UK fighter Ruth Ashdown last week at Newcastle Panthers.
However she may have to wait for a different opponent.
Ashdown is renowned as one of the best kickboxers in the world and Murray would love a rematch but the logistics of such a fight might be difficult. It can be costly either to bring an international fighter to Australia or to travel globally on limited resources seeking bouts.
“I think that may have been the only opportunity [to fight Ashdown]… it was an expensive little exercise but definitely worth it,” Murray says.
“She was definitely a world class fighter… “I’m not ashamed of losing to her.”

It is long time since Murray lost a fight and that was initially hard to deal with.
“I always say you learn much more from a loss than a win,” she says.
Ashdown (now 31–4–0) was a busier fighter during the bout dominating with hand combinations and was stronger in clinches, closing with strong knees.
Murray (now 30–5–0) looked good on occasions with her great head push kicks sending her opponent’s head back every time. Unfortunately she couldn’t maintain consistency through the rounds, despite looking very fit.
Round 4 was crucial for Murray when she got backed onto the ropes, and received a number of well-executed knees to her stomach. She looked hurt and referee Mick Pedavoli put a mandatory 8 count on the Newcastle fighter.
Ashdown felt she might be able finish the contest there, and put the pressure on, but it was too close to the end of the round.
Murray came back in the final round knowing she needed to be very strong to convince the judges. She attacked Ashdown at will, using her reach and great kicking skills.
Unfortunately it wasn’t enough and she lost on all judges’ cards by very small margin.
Even though her trainer Rob Murdoch sr. said she had a stomach bug she said in her speech “ No excuses. I just lost to a better fighter.”
“It is too hard to win three world titles in three weight divisions and no wonder no one has done it before” Murdoch sr. said after the fight.
Also on the night Rob Murdoch jr. –trained Matt Cashmore from Wyong was up against Ricky Campbell from New Zealand for a Full Thai Rules (FTR) bout of 5×3 min.
The first round was fought in clinches, and elbows from both parties were flying straight from the opening bell. Cashmore managed to get more control in round 2 and threw his opponent down to the canvas on a few occasions. He started to open up and by the end of the round connected with a spinning elbow.
Round 3 was again fought in close range and saw many exchanges of elbows. Cashmore was getting on top but was getting frustrated that he couldn’t get into a  more comfortable distance to execute cleaner shots.
Both fighters were trying to slice each other up with sharp elbows. Cashmore started putting more pressure on in the later rounds and was getting well ahead. By then Campbell was showing some wear, spending more time backed up on the ropes.
During the last 10 seconds of the last round the Australian fighter went all in, dislodging his opponents mouth guard with an elbow.
It was a very untidy fight for the audience but sometimes one needs to fight to their opponent’s style.
A well-deserved unanimous victory went to Matt Cashmore.
One of the shortest fights of the evening was between Matthew Sullivan and Kalon Milne. It took only one explosive high kick to send Milne down between the ropes.
The well-timed kick ended the fight right there.
Watch out for this fighter in future.
Full Results:…ng-and-mma-2
Tomas Vysokai and Penny Pryor
Photos by Hakan Saglam




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