No Bull Fite Nite XLIII by Tomas Vysokai

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Paul Grima put together another successful night of Kickboxing and Muay Thai in mid October, which featured 17 bouts and 4 WKA and ISKA titles. All the fights were entertaining and full of action but the judges awarded ‘fight of the night’ to the cruiserweight bout between Danny Phillips and Alan Atkinson.

 The Main event was the ISKA Super Middleweight and WKA Light Heavyweight titles between Brad Traynor (Southern Martial Arts) and Peter Landeka (Pitbull Kickboxing and Muay Thai).
Both experienced fighters showed a lot of courage and technical skill in what was a very close contest. Landeka threw more combinations ending with leg kicks against a taller Traynor who found it hard to connect with a constantly moving target.
Both well conditioned athletes exchanged hard blows in the 5×2 min round contest but Landeka managed to get a point lead at the beginning of the fight and took home the WKA and ISKA belt.

 Casey Walters (Street Smart Thaiboxing) faced an undefeated Susanne Geis (Kick Tacktics) in their fight for a WKA belt. Geis’s high work rate and punch and kick combinations were enough for the judges to rule it in her favour.
With more thaiboxing in her background, Walters was trying to take the fight into the closer distance and clinch, knee and elbow her taller opponent. She was successful on occasions but it wasn’t enough for a victory. A well deserved WKA Australian belt went to Susanne Geis.
Kylie Armes was too strong for Lisa Godwin in their Bantamweight Thaiboxing bout over 5×2 min rounds.
Armes had a reach advantage and every time she got her opponent in a clinch she executed strong knees to the body where she hurt Godwin. A lot of credit goes to Godwin for not giving up and taking the very hard fought fight to the final bell.
Kylie Armes was crowned the WKA NSW Champion.

Damien Lakin (ACT Phoenix Kickboxing) won the NSW belt in the Super Welterweight division against Michael Mizrahie (Lighting Lee).
Lakin’s constant pressure and relentless leg kicks were enough to secure him a comfortable victory over Mizrahie’s good and powerful hand combinations.

The first title fight on the night was a female NSW Super Lightweight title between Anja Stridsman (Boxing Works) and Shelley Doble (Elite Martial Arts & Fitness)
Stridsman, who has a boxing background, could not find openings through the very fit and technically sound Doble.
Doble was getting stronger each round and secured herself a unanimous points decision.
Fighter of the night went to Vanessa Taylor (Phoenix Kickboxing) for her TKO victory in a lightweight division over Jodee Smith (Boxing Works).
Full Results:
Peter Landeka vs Brad Traynor – Landeka by PTS
Casey Walters vs Susanne Geis – Geis by PTS
Lisa Godwin vs Kylie Armes – Armes by PTS
Michael Mizrahie vs Damien Lakin- Lakin by PTS
Pascal Galante vs Phil Tyquin – Tyquin by TKO
Anja Stridsman vs Shelly Doble – Doble by PTS
Sean Gardiner vs Ben Meadows – Gardiner by PTS
Anthony Sgro vs Daniel Gooch – Sgro by PTS
Tim Patmore vs Emre Mazlioglu – Mazlioglu by PTS
Mitch Carter vs Mark Whitmore – Whitmore by TKO
Colin Kerr vs Andrew Hood – Hood by PTS
Roy Lai vs Chris Aliendi – Aliendy by blue RETIRED
Jodee Smith vs Vanessa Taylor -  Taylor by TKO – fighter of the night
Dean Gould vs Jason Stewart – Gould by PTS
Danny Phillips vs Alan Atkinson – Phillips by PTS – fight of the night
Jason Parker vs Willam Chu -  Parker by PTS
Tomas Vysokai




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