Real Deal Thaiboxing - 18. February 2012

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 The main event of the evening was the Lightweight Australian title fight between Kayne Young (Keng Kuai) and Bryan Hasse (Allan Walkington).
Kayne Young was not able to showcase his skill after a powerful right hand followed by a left hook from Hasse. Referee stepped in for the count. Young still dazed touched hands allowing Hasse to close the distance. Filipino fighter used the moment and knocked his opponent down and out with strong punches.
Hasse was very emotional in his speech, he thanked the promoter Rob Murdoch and his opponent for the opportunity to fight for the title. He also thanked the Filipino community for coming to Newcastle to support him.

 Super heavyweight is always very promising division with super heavy punches and kicks thrown.
Ninkovic had the first round after a great display of head kicks and uppercuts. Frances couldn’t find his mark and was just a bit short with his punches.
He stepped up in the third round but it wasn’t enough to take the lead as Ninkovic retaliated in the second half of the round and connected with head kicks and punches.
Ninkovic walking back was always faster beating his opponent to the punch. Francis was getting desperate, jumping on occasions just to being punched while in the air.
Jacob Francis couldn’t take the lead and after five rounds judges awarded the fight to Milos Ninkovic from Newcastle.
Milos Rastovic vs Benjamin Kelleher
This was a very exciting fight for heavyweights. Rastovic tried to close the gap and get in with knees while Kelleher was attacking from a longer distance throwing single shots.
Both fighters had their moments in round two. Kelleher connecting with his overhand shots while Rastovic was better with knees and was able to throw his opponent down.
It was a close round and Kelleher looked stronger after accidentally kicking Rastovich in the groin.
It was a one way traffic in final round. The Novocastrian fighter didn’t step back and was punching Kelleher at will. A well-fought bout went to Milos Rastovich, improving his record to 6F 5W.
Daniel Gooch a taller and fitter looking fighter used his hands to open up his opponent. Matt Sullivan was working on kicks and knees trough the round but both fighters missing closely. Halfway through round 2 Gooch started to take the lead connecting with a right overhand keeping Sullivan on the ropes and controlling the fight.
Sullivan realising he needs to turn the fight, started strong getting closer to Gooch trying to hurt him with hands. Sullivan managed to connect his knees in the clinches. Both fighters gave it all until the last second. Matt Sullivan had the crowd on his side but judges saw the fight in favor of Daniel Gooch. 
Leanne Coombes vs Linda Sing 
It was a very technical fight. First round was a low kick contest. Coombes looked stronger of two and she was putting her combinations together finishing with high kicks.
Sing pushing forward in round 2, backing up her opponent to the ropes. Combes put her combinations together and every time finishing with the kick. That would score her much higher in the kickboxing fight.
Round 3 – the fans were enjoying a kick for kick, punch for punch show. Both fighters had good defense as they were keeping their hands up for the whole fight. It was another close contest but Leanne Combes took the judges decision after a well fought 3 round fight.
Terry Millat vs Blake Edwards 
Both fighters were throwing heavy kicks and punches in the first round. Edwards executed a solid right hand and a few good leg kicks. It was quite an even round.
Edwards was the aggressor in the opening minute of round 2 using strong knees in the clinch. Millat came back with a good right hand shaking his opponent, but taking leg kicks.
Millat charging in round 3 from the opening bell realising he needs to put pressure to turn the fight. Edwards came back charging with jumping knees and good hand combinations. He was a more diverse fighter and won the fight by close decision.
 Matt Donelly vs Eden Kenny
Kenny was a better kicker and started hard from round one. Kenny had stronger and faster punches and was using it in the fight, snapping his opponents head back and winning the fight by unanimous decision.
Tomas Vysokai
Photos by Hakan Saglam
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