Ryan Waters Fight Night

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Cronulla fighter/promoter Ryan Waters found it difficult to beat the count after the explosive right overhand from NZ Lee Oti last night.
The few hundred spectators were stunned and remained very quiet after seeing Waters (now 21W 4L 2D) down and out who had previously fought Oti (now 15W 11L 1D) over three years ago.
Waters was very aware of his power as he admitted just before the fight that he has never been punched harder when the two first met.

Fight was scheduled for 8×3min rounds and started quite slow as both fighters did go the distance the last time they met.
Oti was using his reach and head movement to negate short and explosive punches of Waters.

Round five saw Oti’s explosive right overhand connecting which has followed by identical punch, then a left hook and right overhand well timed over the jab sending Waters to the canvas.
After referee Charlie Lucas stopped the fight Oti helped the dazed fighter to his stool and kneeled next to him with his head down in what looked like he was praying, showing his respect for the sport.
“Thanks to everyone for coming, sorry I didn’t get the right result but that’s boxing. I suppose, you win some and you lose some. All highs to Lee Oti for fought the good fight he caught me and that’s just boxing.”  Said Waters announcing his last fight on the 2nd of December.

On the undercard was one more professional fight over 4×3min rounds between Sydney experienced MMA fighter Bernardo Trekko (debut) and David Galvin from SA (0W 1L 0D).
Trekko started with a good pace putting good combinations together over first two rounds. Galvin started to use his reach from the round 3 and started moving his feet, using his jab to put his opponent off balance and making him miss on many occasions.
Trekko clearly not happy with his performance rushed out of the ring after the decision a split draw. Charlie Lucas had Trekko winning 39–37 Kevin Hogan had it a draw 38–38 and Ken Lonergan had Galvin winning 39–37

The main amateur fight was between a local Jack Brubaker and Zeb King from Grange Old School of Boxing.
Both boxers fought well, Brubaker scoring the more clear shots in the beginning of the fight while a southpaw King dominating the end of the fight.
Judges reached the split decision awarding the fight to Jack Brubaker.

Julian Tallots from Sutherland proved to be a fitter boxer over a 3×2min round against Matt Sherwin from Balmain. Sherwin started strong, dominating the first round but then got tired and couldn’t score points. Young Tallots won his contest by unanimous decision.
Keep checking our site for the videos and more photos from this night.
Photos: Milos Lekovic

Ryan Waters vs Lee Oti – Oti by KO rd5
Bernardo Trekko vs David Galvin  – Draw
Jack Brubaker vs Zeb King -  Brubaker by PTS
Matt Serwin vs Julian Tallots – Tallots by PTS




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