Souths Jnrs November 2014 by Hakan Saglam - photos by Hakan Saglam

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Last night was the last amateur boxing show for Souths for the year. There were only a total of 5 fights compared to normally double the amount. Paul Nasari, the matchmaker for Souths, expressed that he had a potential of 40 fighters but only ended up with enough for 5 bouts due to various reasons.

The small number of bouts did not take away the quality of the fights that was observed last night. One of the highlights was 51kg Astryd Urgate who beat Sarah McFarlane in a 3×2min bout. Urgate an evasive fighter and a great counter puncher made it difficult for McFarlane to land a clean punch. McFarlene pushed to the very end but unfortunately it was Urgate’s night as she secured a win on points.

The final fight for the night and for 2014 Souths amateur boxing fight night was between Jorge Kapeen from Capatil Boxing versus Michael Whitehead (Northside Pure Boxing). Whitehead, a former kickboxing has been on winning streak since he’s taken up boxing earlier this year. Kapeen started very strong and on my books had won the first round. Whitehead made the necessary adjustments to his game plan after the first round and seemed to be gaining the upper hand. The final round was a close one but the judges gave it to Whitehead. Whitehead new it was close and was overjoyed when they announced he was the winner.
The fights at Souths Jnrs is always a crowd pleaser regardless the amount of fights. Hopefully in the new year they will continue to put on great fights.

The fights on Souths Jnrs is scheduled for the 2nd Tuesday of every month with the first comp resuming in February 2015




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