Steve Hurts Kurt By TKO

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By Hakan Saglam

Steve Moxon made his debut into Pro-boxing not too long ago and has made quite an impact. On his third fight he has knocked out former NSW middleweight title holder, Kurt Bahram in the 1st round.
Moxon, who is well known within the kickboxing circuit, was finding it hard to get matchups in his chosen discipline after defeating some of the big names kickboxing has to offer. In order to stay active he decided to try his hand at boxing and prove that kickboxers can make great boxers too.
His fight against Kurt Bahram at JNI's show on Friday 17th June, dubbed “Game On”, would surely test his hands and prove his point.

His “Tyson” like manner put Kurt on the back foot early in the 1st round. Steve ducked, weaved Kurt’s combo’s and countered with a big overhand right giving Kurt a taste of his power. Kurt found himself on the canvas and received the mandatory 8 count. Steve once again floored Kurt with another killer overhand. The referee, weary to let Kurt continue as his legs looked too weak, gave him a chance to recover and maybe see the end of the 1st round. But as soon as Steve threw his jab Kurt hit the canvas once again prompting the referee stop the fight.
Steve clearly out to make a statement in the boxing scene and is obvious that he has what it takes. It would definitely be interesting to see who will step up next to fight this up and comer.

The main event on JNI's show was a FTR bout against Queenslands Beniah Douma and the more experienced Samingprai from Thailand currently training out of Bulldog Gym in Parramatta.
It was very clear that Beniah was in over his head. Samingprai at times toying with his opponent as a lion does with his food. Samingprai was entertaining the crowd with pranks such as tapping Beniah on the bum or the head while in a vulnerable state. Each time Samingprai took down his opponent down with the traditional Thai sweep, he helped him back up only to throw Beniah back down to the canvas again. If the Thai wanted to knockout his opponent, he would have done so with ease but this was not his plan. It was inevitable that Samingprai would win unanimously as he showcased great skill and proved that you do not have to destroy your opponent to entertain the crowd.

The fight of the night in my opinion went to K1 jnr middleweight bout between Rowan Sangster Vs Tass “The Elite Greek” Tsitsiras. A five round war which tested Rowan’s toughness as he wore the wrath of The Elite Greek’s constant punching power. Rowan more adjusted to muay thai found it difficult to confirm to the K1 rules of no clinching as he received numerous warnings from the referee. Tass proving to be the better fighter on the night and sealing a majority points decision over Rowan.

I was slightly disappointed earlier that night to see an amateur bout which should have been stopped before one of the fighters was knocked out. It was very obvious in round 2 that Carol Earl was outclassed by her opponent – Bianca “Bam Bam” Elmir. The fight should have been stopped if not by the referee then by her corner. As a consequence the fight ended by a KO in the 4th round which clearly could have been avoided. Carol Earl is obviously one tough woman but if a there is no point risking unnecessary damage. Fighter safety is paramount and there is no dishonour in losing.

All in all it was another successful night for promoter John Ioannou who gives the fight fans a great show.




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