Vysokai wins title battle

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IMG_9997-1Up and coming professional boxer Tomas Vysokai took out his first WBF title in just his fifth bout on the circuit when he beat the undefeated Yao Yi Ma for the vacant WBF Asia Pacific light middleweight belt on Friday night.
In his first 10-round fight the Slovakian (4–1) started off in good shape, with his trade mark double jab penetrating more than his opponents. Both boys paced themselves well at the beginning with Tomas (also publisher of this

website) managing to tie-up Yao on plenty of occasions. But Yao was no slouch and won the majority of the middle rounds.
Yao is trained by Alex Wymarra, founder of the Indigenous Boxing Academy, out of Woolloomooloo PCYC and Tomas with long-time boxing trainer Jonny Lewis out of Sydney University.
IMG_1691The event showcased a number of up-and-coming fighters from the Indigenous Boxing Academy and although the 13 preceding fights were all amateur events, they featured some excellent boxing.
The main event was a gruelling affair. Both fighters showed some frustration towards the middle, with a cut opening up just above Tomas’s left eye around the fifth round, most likely from a head butt .
IMG_2713Yao is known for being a hard hitter and working well on the inside and he was true to form on Friday, scoring with sharp uppercuts.
But Tomas’s vocal supporters caused Yao some frustration and he was seen to be talking back to them at one stage.
In a very close fight the Slovakian managed to find a second wind in the ninth and tenth rounds which saw him return to his approach of earlier rounds, scoring with quick double jabs and powerful counter hooks on the back foot.
Those last rounds made all the difference but no spectator was prepared to call the fight until the judges declared it a win for Tomas Vysokai on a unanimous point decision.
Penny Pryor
Photos by Milos Lekovic




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