War on The North Shore 17 - North Sydney Leagues Club by Hakan Saglam

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It was another cracker night full of action packed kickboxing and Muay Thai by Bulldog promoter Nick Stone.
The fight card consisted of 16 fights with the main event being the NSW State Title between Junya Ishida from Bulldog Manly and Bondi's Jun Matsuda. Although usually headlining the show is super heavyweight Dan Roberts, his recent fight against Jacob Francis from Queensland for the ISKA interstate title saw him sit out this event with an injured elbow.

Matsuda and Ishida put on an entertaining fight as Matsuda's fighting style was unusual within the Australian circuit. Often charging at Ishida in a Kamikaze like manner and finding unusual angles against his opponent. Matsuda kept his composure and stayed focused but unfortunately did not take enough risks. The judges awarded the title to Matsuda much to the crowds surprise.

Another great fight was one between Emre Nazlioglu and Scott Wilson. Emre who looked like he was in great fighting condition came out raging. But Scotts experience with his boxing skills and leg kicks broke down a young Emre who at one stage looked like he could not continue as the barrage to his left leg was taking it's toll. Nonetheless the young Turk fought on and saw the end of the fight. I scored Scott wining pretty much each round but a valiant effort by Emre. A great effort and a true display of heart.
The fight that really stood out against the rest was where the only knockout was observed – it was the fight between Ben Schaeffer from VT1 and Cameron Webb from Tus Company. It was an early fight for Ben as he had great success with his power cross to Cameron's chin while backed up against the ropes in the first round. Cameron dropped to the canvass in a dramatic way and knocked his head back hard. I thought he was definitely out but to my surprise Cameron the true warrior that he is was struggling to get back up to continue.
Referee Paul Grima obviously started the eight count but then stopped the fight as he saw that Cameron was not in a position to continue.
There were many more great fights to write about but to prevent this from turning into War & Peace I shall keep it brienf.
Congratulations to Nick Stone for a successful night and to all fighters. Win or lose you all put on a great display of courage, toughness and sportsmanship.

You can also find and extensive range of photo's from this event on our website.

Written by Hakan Saglam




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