J.N.I Promotions 27th April

John Ioannou

Joined: 8 years ago

This show will be packed with action plus from local to interstate fighters with some very interesting match ups.
Luis Regis from SRG Muay Thai has been out of action for a while but more than ready to regain his claim on the 70kg division and to prove he is a force to be reckoned with. Luis will have is work cut out for him as he takes on Ryan Crawford from the renown Mad X Gym in QLD, Ryan ready to come down south and prove his worth.Rowan Sangster from Double Dragon Martial Arts Gym always comes to fight and is looking forward to fighting Lex Hanagraaf from Southside Muay Thai SA. Lex a little unknown here in NSW but word has it he is one tough customer looking to make an impact.Leroy „Narooma Booma“ Brown one of Sydney's favourite boxing identities has waited long enough and it is time to re-enter the boxing arena with a 8 round Boxing match to start him off. Leroy known for his upfront forward style and rugged punching power is back and ready to take it who ever jumps in the ring with him. Leonie Macks from SRG Muay Thai has put her hand up to fight Kassie Southwell from Pro Roughy Gym Armidale both girls have spent ample time in Thailand and ready to get it on to prove who has the better technique of Muay Thai.This night is scheduled for a real showdown between the fighters, trainers and Gyms all ready to prove their worth on the fighting stage. For any ticket bookings or enquiries please call John 0418–475–901

posted 6 years ago
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