J.N.I Promotions Persons Of Interest Friday 22nd Feb

John Ioannou

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On Friday 22nd February J.N.I Promotions will be hosting their 1st Promotion for 2013 at The Hurstville Entertainment Centre with a mixed bag of professional bouts including a 5 round FTR bout between Luis “Macaco” Regis from SRG Thai Boxing Gym Sydney up against one tough S.O.B coming out of Riddlers Gym WA Stephen Meikle, originally from Scotland these boys will be putting everything on the line for a Commonwealth Title stoush. Junior Talipeau with the never say quit attitude will be featuring on the card with a bid for the WBA Regional Super Middle weight title ready to take on the hard punching Ghanaian Boxer Joseph Kwadjo. A regular performer on the show and always a 100% effort gets put in by this lady is Carol Earl the mum that can punch on with the best of them and that’s just who she will be fighting Sylvia Schiavoni one of the best venturing up here from down Victoria way.This fight is sure to please and may even out do some of the boys performances. TJ Doheny the angry little Irishman that now calls Australia home is at his happiest when he is fighting and that is just what he is going to do come Friday 22nd Feb when he squares up against Thai International boxing sensation Yodsaenkeng Kietmangmee from the renowned Kings Boxing Gym Bangkok Thailand. A special match up just to say the least will be for the NSW Super Heavy Weight Title between Peter “The Chief” Graham the champion and the challenger Krayze Dave Levi, where Peter is definitely the more experienced out of the two and has had many wars with the best the world has to offer won’t be letting the title up for grabs so easily, Dave will have to be on his game as these two giants meet to battle it out for the title. Krayze Dave who has demonstrated speed, strength and more punching power per square inch than a Mack Truck produces will be one to watch as The Chief will definately put him to the test.
This night is guaranteed to please everyone as it will be staging some of the best fighters around ready to prove their worth. Our MMA fighters are back ready to ground and pound and pound some more as the popularity of this sport grows so does the competition. There are many fights to come and to be confirmed with another full night of action of Muay Thai and MMA fights of local, interstate and international fighters. This show will represent some of the best talents getting around today and some interesting match ups. Some of the Gyms that will be supporting this event are as follows.

Riddlers Gym WA
SRG Thai Boxing Gym
Boxing Works
Al’s Boxing Gym
The Fight Lab
Lions Den
Gladitoria MMA
Hangar 4 Gym VIC

Will be posting fights as they are confirmed.

posted 6 years ago
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